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New M3 vs New MS vs Used MS which one?

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okay i have been struggling with this for a few weeks now, thought i might be able to get some opinions thrown in there.

i am looking for a commuter car, ~80 mi round trip i make about 14 times per month. the roads aren't the best on that drive, so instead of driving my lowered 911 which is my fun car, i commute with an old beater 2003 accord with 170K miles that i inherited from a family member. i have house with solar, and have extra energy to spare. my wife is saying that old accord isn't safe and wants me to buy something newer. so hence the desire for a newer commuter car and the venture into tesla.

i have a model 3 reservation ready to configure. got the email 4/18. i also have been looking a both new and used S's. in general cost is not a huge issue i can afford any of the cars without problem but i don't like to waste money unnecessarily, because that's just stupid.

i test drove both new and old model S's. i sat in the model 3 (not driven) and have seen tons on the road. the S's were nice to drive but heavy. acceleration was ok, not that impressed...my 911 compares pretty well to the ones i have been trying. not sure how well the m3 drives. the m3 felt small and cramped. hard time getting used to the spartan interior.

i have been looking at old 13,14,15 MY S's, but nothing has made me fall in love. it seems if i can buy a new MS 75D for $72.5K (80K-7.5K credit) why should i pay $50-55K for a 4-5 year old car with 45K miles on the odometer? for the 13s, they bottom out around 43K, which only around 40% depreciation (compared to current new) for a 5 year old car. that's not much for that old a car. as far as the M3, it seems the most practical. It's only $42.5K (50K-7.5K credit) but i am a buttons and gauges kind of guy and while tesla is already a departure from that, the M3 is taking it to the extreme.

So after researching, i have been leaning towards buying a new S and refunding the deposit on the 3. it just seems like a better car to me. i'm not looking for sporty, i already have my sports car for that. i want something comfortable and luxurious for my commute and could hold my family (2 little kids) as well. i don't like that it's smaller, holds less, and there will be a billion of them on the road in 1-2 years (not that there are not already a billion S's) i see people trading in their old MS's for M3's, and i want to keep asking why. i must be missing something.

but the practical side in me keeps saying why are you throwing away $30K when you could just buy a M3 which is so much cheaper and will do exactly the same damned thing.

seriously, a first world problem, for which i will probably be reamed but whatever. just curious what tesla owners' thoughts were on this particular matter. tell me why i'm wrong and should just buy a 3. tell me i'm right and the S is the way to go. tell me to go buy a 15K kia for the commute. i can take it.
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If you compare it to other brands, it's indeed a surprise that Teslas don't depreciate that fast. Some of it is due to the cars needing less maintenance and having less parts that suffer from the extra miles put on the car. In September I decided to go for a MS70D from 2015, for the same price as I would have had to pay for a brand new Volvo S90 plug-in Hybrid and I haven't regretted that choice, coming from a 300 HP Jaguar XF.

To my surprise, the current trade value of my S70D, after adding over 10000 miles to it in 6 months, even seems higher than what I paid...

Whatever you buy, an 80 mile round trip is definitely not a problem, so the smallest battery would do...
I was in a similar situation in choosing. I have an old Corvette for when I want to have fun, so not quite a 911, but I do understand. I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for the used S and I just didn’t like the 3 enough, so I bought a new S. I simply had them transfer my $1k deposit to my S purchase. Good luck with your decision.
Financially (and how you think about it mentally) speaking, it’s really hard to “win” on price for a 75D without going for a 4 year old model S because of the tax credit. It just doesn’t seem like enough savings for a car that’s 2 years old vs a new car, and then when you get to a 3 or 4 year old car you have to consider having one or less years of warranty.

If you started juggling larger battery sizes (or going down to a 60), then there’s enough going on to find a used one that can make sense in comparison to a 75D. Mentally it’s easier, for me at least, to accept a used car that’s just under the price of a new 75D if you get something more.

All that said, if you have the money, just get the new 75D. You may be able to adjust to the single screen layout in the model 3, but do you really want to spend $40+k and have to adjust to the car to like it?
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I was in a similar situation in choosing. I have an old Corvette for when I want to have fun, so not quite a 911, but I do understand. I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for the used S and I just didn’t like the 3 enough, so I bought a new S. I simply had them transfer my $1k deposit to my S purchase. Good luck with your decision.

Hey same situation. I just dont want to fall into the 'went to dealer, fell in love with car and opened wallet' and forget all reason. Is the S really 30k more car? *shrugs

Congrats on the S, love it?
Financially (and how you think about it mentally) speaking, it’s really hard to “win” on price for a 75D without going for a 4 year old model S because of the tax credit. It just doesn’t seem like enough savings for a car that’s 2 years old vs a new car, and then when you get to a 3 or 4 year old car you have to consider having one or less years of warranty.

Definitely have to go to 2013-14 for the used to seem to make sense. I usually buy my cars 3 yrs old off lease but the 2015s just dont seem to make financial sense right now given the relative price of new.
As a car guy, I bought a P100D as my daily commuter. This is the car you spend the most time driving in so might as well as be something you can throughly enjoy. My fun car, a Corvette ZR1 can't compare to the acceleration. The handling on the P100D is surprising stable for a 2.5 ton car due to the low COG. But they're very different cars but IMO the P100D is the ultimate daily driver.

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Is the S really 30k more car? *shrugs

Congrats on the S, love it?

Is the S really worth $30k more? I can’t really answer that for you. I don’t think the 3 is worth anywhere near what they are charging, but plenty of people disagree with me on that and heck, I’ve been wrong before (but just once :)).

I’ve had my S 4 months and 2,600 miles, so far I like it.
You’ve already answered your own question when you stated all the reasons you don’t like the M3. That 80 mile commute will turn into a regret/bitch session, so MS it is for you. Now you need to decide how much fun you want in the MS. If you buy new and the 75D isn’t fast enough for you, the only P-car available is the P100D as @GatorGuy stated. That’ll up your cost dramatically, however.
You can look for a P85D and save some money, but have to deal with the new CPO policy (read up) or put in work to find the “right” one for you private-party. Remember, you don’t get the Federal tax credit when buying used!
Good luck. Glad you’re deciding to join the Tesla family one way or the other.
I'm currently waiting on an AWD Model 3, think I finally settled on a color, so otherwise ready to order. I've been in a Model 3 in the showroom, in person in a few cars at SuC locations and most lately in a friend's new car. Also at a meet up got a chance to drive one which I enjoyed. I think it's a great car, I like its styling, don't have problem thinking its too minimal and find that it handles nicely but after spending more time in it I'm thinking it's too small for me interior wise. I also might have a problem with my prescription progressive lenses trying to read the directions on the far right of the screen. So that's my dilemma now.

We have an MS which I do really love in every way. Best car we've ever owned. It is big, but my daily car is a 2001 Toyota Avalon so the MS is a comparable car sizewise. I wanted the Model 3 for easier parking and still enjoy it being a Tesla. Also liked the better range I would have over our 75D. Plus I've been like "do I really need to spend Xk more dollars for what would be our second car?". Either way we could swing it. While I have no doubt the Model 3 would be a great car for me, I'm now seriously considering if I want to downsize from what I'm use to. Apart from an interior that felt noticeable narrower to me and especially if I am the passenger with my husband driving to the storage space being halved, I'm not sure I want to give up my long vertical screen that I don't have problems viewing and the BioWeapon Defense setting and HEPA filtering which I've found very useful having allergies and have used frequently. I also love our pano roof which right now doesn't seem to be in the cards for the Model 3. Part of me says why not be practical and save the money as you'll still have the MS to drive for longer trips or need the cargo storage, but lately it's not a argument that has been winning in my mind.

Right now we don't know what the AWD will have as options so I'm kind of holding off on knowing that and pricing and also on whether the MS has an significant changes to it this year. My AWD window since we reserved mid 2017 is Late 2018 so I'll probably vacillate until then. Good luck to everyone having to make the model decision if you've been waivering on which way to go. I haven't even taken into consideration whether the Federal tax credit will be around by the time I do make a decision and that's a nice chunk of change and that applies to both car models.

@dethman I also drove a Honda Accord for years before taking over our Avalon and sizewise for you to make the switch to the Model 3 it probably won't seem that much different. To me though it sounds like you'd rather have a MS. How does your wife feel about driving a larger car like the MS? If you are going to use the car to transport kids around and all their accouterments, the MS has plenty of room to make that really comfortable particularly traveling during vacations and daily kids carpooling etc.
It is completely different when you live with the vehicle, Tesla is very different than a 911. Little to no maintenance, plug and play. Autopilot is something that once you have it, it is hard to have any car without it for stop and go traffic and long distance driving..Go with what you really like, can't go wrong with any Tesla....Good luck, but then there is always the award winning Kia Stinger.....
There’s a lot to consider here, but after reading you post and others, here’s an idea. Unless you track the 911, sell it and your Honda and get a P100D. You’ll love the street performance and mind-numbing acceleration, and you’ll really appreciate the air suspension and Autopilot on the long commute. Yes, I know it seems wrong to have a P100D as a commuter car, but something tells me you wouldn’t regret the decision. I’m just guessing.;) Then again, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices you’re considering.
Not sure why this is even in consideration for your use case. See below:

1) You don't need large cargo space -> Get Model 3

2) Model 3 LR is cheaper than S75D and significantly cheaper than 100D/P100D -> Get Model 3

3) Model 3 LR has superior range over the 75D and comparable to the 100D -> Get Model 3

4) Model 3 LR is probably cheaper after taxes than a Used CPO Model S -> Get Model 3

5) Model 3 actually have cup holders and creature comfort more so than the Model S -> Get Model 3

6) You have a 911 for those fast accelerations and not really looking for something in the same performance anyways -> Get Model 3

7) You have solar so free supercharging is not really a financial concern unless you are on a road trip which is probably minimal -> Get Model 3

8) You have 2 kids and a wife = 4 people -> Get Model 3

9) Model S doesn't have that many button anyways. Sure Model 3 is extreme, but you will be lacking them in the Model S also -> Get Model 3

The only reason you might not want the Model 3 LR, in your case, is the wait time which can be longer than a Model S, but I hear Tesla is now opening it to all customer as they are not getting many willing to buy the expensive, higher margin, LR version. Or if you plan to add to the family which means you need the 7 seater Model X anyways which is quite expensive even compared to the Model S.
FWIW here's my .02

I had a reservation for a Model 3 in since October, still waiting on the invite. I received some money from an inheritance, so decided to take another look at the S (I had previously test driven last year but only for about 10 minutes) I had heard about an "extended test drive" where you get to test drive it for 24 hours. So on Thursday of last week I picked up the S and got to drive it, hit the supercharger, and have the family in it. We took it back on Friday and I placed my order that day. Here are my reasons for going with the S:

1) Roomier. We got to sit in a model 3 at the DC Tesla dealer, and there is more room in the S.
2) 2 displays. While I hear people get used to having only the center console, and there are aftermarket HUDs you can get, I really felt more comfortable having the display in front of me.
3) Unlimited supercharge. I don't know how often I'll be taking trips, but it's nice to know that when I do I can travel for free. It will only cost me time at the charger.
4) 75D's range. Sure, the 3 has more range, but my daily commute is only ~34 miles one way per day. So, 68 miles round trip even in winter is absolutely doable in a 75D. I can probably even do multiple days w/o charging
5) AWD, price difference. I would like AWD. Which means, I would have been waiting until June if I was lucky to be called to invite and that's only if Tesla makes their mark and there aren't too many current Tesla owners also waiting for AWD. Anyway, the old difference between RWD and AWD on the S was 5K. factor that into all the other features I'd want and a maxed out 3 is about 63K which isn't that far off from and the S I ordered (glass room, 19" silver wheels, obsidian black paint, premium package and enhanced AP). ~20k
6) Fed tax credit. Who knows when I would have been invited to order and whether that would still be around.
7) Never had a luxury car. If there was any one time in my life I was going to get a luxury bad-ass car, I wanted it to be the S. You can't take it with you.

I think that's about it :)