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New M3P - immediate PPF or wait?

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If you are even considering PPF or liquid PPF, get it done right away. Many go as far as painter taping their frontal area or using a tow truck to prevent post delivery damage on the way to the wrap/ppf/ceramic coat shop. Sign of the times.

The paint on these things chips and scratches when looked at. Factory buff marks, swirls, orange peel galore, different color tint/hue on plastic vs metal parts, uneven base and clearcoat issues abound 4 years since early sales and 2+ years since production ramp up hell ended. Sad.
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The ppf installer was my very first destination after pickup from Tesla. And even then he said there was one small rock chip.
That's why I utilized BTP before I even drove off the lot. Do this with EVERY new car I purchase.

2019 delivery taped.JPG
FWIW: 1 year & 24K miles and counting my STEK PPF has taken a beating and will have to be replaced within 1-2 years. Without PPF + bad Tesla paint = disaster. My sister did not wrap her (new) 2017 Model S and it's frontal and rocker paint is destroyed.

If someone doesn't care then so be it - but if you plan to keep the car for a long time and care about paint condition then PPF is a no brainer. I would never consider not having PPF on my other expensive cars. (Porsches)
Do at least the rocker panels, I have hundreds if not thousands or rock chips that happened in the first 2,000 miles. It looks sand blasted and is a real bummer for a 60k car. I hand wash exclusively and did a DIY clay bar/ ceramic coat. Mine is blue so not sure about black but its the thinnest/softest paint I have ever seen, when removing my dual motor badge with mild heat and no pry tools etc I still have small parts of paint gone that the adhesive took with it. I love everything about this car but its incredibly thin paint, looked great when I took delivery and still looks shiny now it just doesn't look so hot from 1-3 feet away now. I am wrapping the whole car so its more palatable but yeah, ppf it if you are particular.
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Do it right away. I just did PPF front and rockers on my '21 M3LR and wish I would have done it right away since there was a lot of paint chip touch up that needed to happen even with <2000 miles on my hood. It looks better but you can tell where the paint touch up happened. Tesla has NOT fixed their paint process; it's still pretty garbage and it doesn't take much at all for damage down to the primer. Their paint and clear coat is not at all durable.

Odds are your paint cured on the train from Fremont.