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New Model 3 in 1 month or demo car with est delivery in 4 days


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Apr 22, 2021
I ordered a M3 SR+ with white interior and recently noticed Tesla removed pretty much all but a small strip of white on the door panels in the new interior. This looks like a strategy to save money because the 2nd row doors are now the exact same as the black interior. Being very upset about the change, I contacted my advisor letting him know the change was not present (as photos on the website) at the time I placed my order. He said the only solution could be getting one of the demo cars in my area with the same configuration but with the interior I want (both 2021 models). The demo car has 1100mi on it and he said they could give me a discount of $760. I’m not sure which one to go with.

1) Demo car with 1100mi, $760 off, immediate delivery, and the white door panels I want

2) Wait a month for a new car with almost no white on the door panels

What do you guys think? Also, do miles matter that much for EVs? (The 1100mi for the demo car)

I really want to go for the demo car but I was not a 100% sure.

Attached are the changes in the interior. (notice the door panels for the second row are just like the black interior now)


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That's a tough call. On one had the while door panels are nice and you would get the car sooner. On the other is $760 enough off for you to be ok with the millage? Another concern I would have would be what other wear and tear is there. I would have to assume that with enough test driving to be done to put on 1100 miles there has to be a little bit because of how many people are using it.

That being said there could also be 0 wear and tear and the only difference between a new one and that one from a usage standpoint is the miles.

If you are able to see the demo car fist and then decide I think that is the safe option, it would be rough to go for it and then realize there is something wrong and not be able to take delivery. Though they may fix the issues, if any.

I hope you enjoyed me playing both sides of the argument for you lol! Hard to say what you should do but I wanted to throw out some scenarios.

Hope that helps!!

Currently waiting for a M3 SR+ myself so I feel your struggle.


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Nov 28, 2018
Riverside Co. CA
$760 off of a 45k purchase (less than 2%) is not nearly enough of a discount for me to consider used vs new. Now, the white door panel thing doesnt bother me, but if it bothers you, then maybe consider it. I personally wouldnt take the demo unless it was substantially discounted (for me, that would be a few thousand dollars), but I dont see much value in a small discount on a demo vehicle vs getting something I plan to keep for a while new.
Demo's are technically still "new" in that you will have the first title
The warranty should start at the current mileage but double check on that
Put it this way- 1100 miles is about a month of driving for most folks, so whether or not you deem the $760 as a proper loaner fee for that amount of mileage is up to you
most traditional ICE cars from dealers usually have a bigger discount for demos, but they're working in profit margins when they do that, unsure what Telsa does since they're not independently owned at each center so they probably have a standard write off for the demos
1) Demo car with 1100mi, $760 off, immediate delivery, and the white door panels I want
Honestly, ive gotten bigger discounts on NEW guitars than that. I have the previous gen white interior and while the white paneling is a nice touch, you almost never notice it. I personally wouldnt cancel my order for it, but thats after 2 years of use. I find the alcantara/suede panelling of the black interior equally as nice

Aside from being a cost cutting measure, i bet it also helps out with the overall brightness/glare-iness of the white interior during daytime. Even with tinted windows, theres a lot of glare inside a model 3 with white interior
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I don't really care about the paneling but personally I would check and the price you ordered the Tesla at. First of all you might have gotten it for 38490. That being said the price got raised recently to 38990 so if they give you a $729 Discount at that price you are only saving $229. I don't know if the panels are worth that much that you want 1100 miles on your car.
1100 miles is nothing on a car.
Your warranty will start with the miles when you pick up car.
$760 may not be a lot to some people but to some it is a good chunk of change.
Looking for bigger discount? Remember who we are dealing with here…..Tesla does not deal.
If you do not want the car, they don’t care, there are 10 people right behind you who will want it.
If the door panel is such a big deal, then wait, for me, I don’t care about door panels.

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