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New Model 3 Phone Key Keeps Disconnecting

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I have searched around and haven't had any luck finding a solution to my specific issue (Tesla Mobile Service is coming out this week as well), but here is the situation.

We just bought our second Tesla (new '24 Model 3 - Highland). Our first Telsa is a '22 MYP. We have never had any issues with the phone keys on our Y, but for some reason the Model 3 will prompt you to SET UP the phone key in the app frequently. If you are near the car it is easy enough to just click set up, it connects, and all is good. But it doesn't stay connected for more than a few hours (a day at the most). Then it is right back to the "Set Up" Phone Key on the app for the car.

I have deleted the app. Removed the keys from the Bluetooth connections on the phone. Removed the phone key from the car. Rebooted the car and phones. Nothing... same issue pops up. After some period of time the phone key will need to be set up again.

More of an annoyance at the moment but know that at some point we will want to cool the car down, or unlock it for someone, or view sentry cameras and there will be a good chance we won't be able to.

Anyone have similar issue and how did you resolve it?
Wondering if this ever got resolved for you? Having this exact issue and not seeing others mentioning it.
Not yet. They replaced some receiver or transceiver that they originally identified as the culprit but it didn’t solve it. Have another appointment to drop it off it see if they can figure it out. Fingers crossed. Also had a new issue pop up after the 2024.14 update where it won’t route with traffic but all the other premium connective like streaming is working. No idea if they are related or not.