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New Model 3: slight flickering of screen on startup

I noticed a very slight flicker on the screen when I first enter my Model 3, press the brake, and enter my PIN code. The screen slightly reduces in brightness for I'd guess maybe 20ms and repeats about every 2 seconds. It continues for maybe 15-20 seconds in that cycle and then all is OK. I haven't thought much of it but thought I'd ask: anyone else? Is this normal? It reminds me of the faint flicker of a lightbulb when your AC or well pump comes on in a house and momentarily reduces voltage. It's not very noticeable and maybe only I notice it.

Maybe I should turn off auto brightness and see if it goes away?

Here's an information point: when I open my door, the screen turns on, then it turns off as I close the door, and back on again when I press the brake. It might be possible to time this so that the screen doesn't have time to fully turn off, it just flickers.
Also, the automatic brightness adjustment is slow. If I start my car in my garage and go outside in the sun, sometimes the screen doesn't adjust properly or takes time / adjusts in steps. You might want to try turning the automatic brightness off to see if that affects what you are experiencing.
After closer inspection, the screen was reducing very slightly in brightness with each little "blink". So it's definitely the auto brightness doing its thing in steps. As long as I know that's what it is... no reason to turn it off.

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