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New Model X P100D doesn't charge to full 289 miles?

Hello - I've been the owner of a Model X P100D for a month now. I was going to run a lot of errands last weekend and decided to charge the car to 100%. It stopped at 287 miles. I'm wondering if its normal to not get the full 289 mile reading on the battery when charged to 100%?

On that same note, I'm currently with a Model S 100D loaner. The top range is 335 miles. Its as brand new as my car (500 miles only) and actually charges to 337 miles. This raised a bit of a concerned for me.

Tesla said they are going to run some battery degradation tests on it and compare it to similar cars they have data on. Seems a little early if you ask me to be degrading right? I'm wondering what other owners are getting.
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No need to worry about it. The estimate moves up and down depending on how often you deplete the battery. Lots of mid range charges (which is good for the battery) will cause the battery to underestimate charge. Lots of full charges will cause the battery to over estimate the charge.

Overall the estimate is just an estimate and I have had it be > 14 miles off. I had a p85 charge up to 238 (new was suppose to be 265) but even though it said 100% it was still drawing current from the supercharger. After another 20 minutes of charging it was still 238, then I drove 14 miles before the estimate went to 237. A year or two later it would charge up to 258

There was a story of a 100D model S owner that did 100% charges like 4 days in a row and he thought that it was good news that each day the estimate was higher than the last, when in reality it was just his estimate that was shifting. Sometimes I hear people say "Tesla gives you like 10 hidden miles!" Those miles are the result of the software underestimating range. People that have the software overestimate range and have the car shutdown with a few miles left on the dash (as in the car said 4 miles left and then it stops).
if 287 vs 289 vs 290 is really meaningful to you: optimize battery balancing by draining the battery to <20%, then charging to 100% for 3 days - if the temperature is above 70 degrees when you finish charging on the third charge, I guarantee it will be 290.
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Cycling the battery may improve calibration of the algorithm that calculates range but the idea that it balances the battery or increases actual range (vs calculated range) appears to be a (commonly repeated) myth. Charging to 95%+ should kick in the battery balancing function regardless of how far you discharge the pack first but chances are it's just your range calculation that is a bit off. Cycling the pack may improve that but as the linked post says it's unnecessary stress on the pack.

Info: When Balancing Occurs, and Pack Maintenance
As others have said, keep an eye out on it. The range displayed is dynamic based on a bunch of different factors. It's not uncommon to see indicated range drop in the winter vs the summer. While indicated and real world range are two different things, your indicated max range should still match up with what has been advertised. So there is still a possibility that you have some degradation or bad cells. Your SC is doing the right thing and will be able to confirm/deny that.

Aside from that, couple things you can do yourself:
- Switch it to % and see if it is able to charge to 100%
- Monitor your charging levels and indicated range for a number of miles and period of time, especially in moderate conditions (60-70F, dry, etc.) to see if it ever readjusts.

You can also try to force rebalancing as others have said; but the pack also rebalances on it's own (and Tesla has confirmed as much) I'm personally in the camp that it's more of a rain dance. I suppose if you dial 867-5309 into your telephone pad and hit up up down down left right left right on your nav screen enough times the pack will rebalance, and a firmware update initiates.
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