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New MX 100D replacing MS P100D...

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Nov 28, 2015
Call me crazy!
I’m trading in my beloved MS P100D for an MX 100D. Yep...need 6 passenger seating while at the same time realized just how much of the sub 3 second times I just never use! We’ve had a 90D, P100D MS and never an MX. Looking forward to experiencing the same blood but different feel! Both are loaded up.

Things we will miss on MS:

1. Sheer beauty - beautifully stunning from every angle
2. Race car dynamics
3. Auto Presenting handles
4. Lud + No one would dare even try to race
5. 510km range
6. Low to the ground feel

Things I look forward to on MX:

1. Auto open/closed doors
2. Enormous windshield
3. Falcon doors
4. Door pockets
5. Vanity mirror lights
6. Utility and space
7. Room for kids and grandparents
8. Extra Easter eggs?
9. Apparently sound system sounds nicer in the larger cabin?

Anything else we should look forward to or look out for?
(Also looks like I’ll have a set of referral arachnids which I hope I can change over to the 22” turbines as they haven’t even shipped yet!)
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I have an S P90DL, and my wife recently replaced her S85 with an X 100D, so I can make a similar comparison. That's a pretty good list. A few minor additions:

Things to miss about the S:
  • lower cost (although it's really not a huge difference)
  • lower prices for service plans and extended warranties
  • better efficiency (better range, less charging time and a lower charging bill with the same size battery)
  • (this is probably a more-specific version of your "race car dynamics"): far less tail wag when changing directions at high speed
  • far less fussy rear doors :)
  • Not true for all cargo (see below) but it is easier to put some long things (i.e. bicycle) in the back, because the floor is lower (at least the folded second row)
  • Can fold down second row while leaning in to the trunk
  • comes with a cargo privacy cover (they say the X's tinted windows are good enough, but I can still see stuff back there)
  • easier to wash the roof
Things to look forward to on the X:
  • frunk is up higher; easier to get stuff in and out
  • 5 and 7 seaters with folding second rows can get enormous, long, flat load floors
  • with load floor in upper position, floor is up higher with no lip; really easy to put in boxes, bags, etc (does not apply to some long cargo, see above)
It's just my wife and I at home; the kids are grown. We carry cargo a lot more than passengers, though rarely a lot of cargo (the most common item is my wife's bike). Overall I really prefer the S, and in fact even it is too big (I will likely replace it with a 3 when my S lease ends). But the X does have a few nice features that I appreciate, and there have been a couple times we have appreciated the extra cargo space in the X. The real reason we got the X, though, was that it is far easier for passengers to get in and out. We both have parents with limited mobility.

The nicest thing, though, is to have one of each!
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