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New Nav has green sections on blue route?

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Jul 27, 2014
I've noticed that the new nav system shows intermittent green areas along the blue mapped route on the center display. I've tried to correlate these with traffic or road markers or road passing areas but haven't noted any correlation. When I drive along, it shows sections of the road in green (with a blue border) and other sections in blue.
Anybody else figured out what these green sections indicate?
Nope, that's not it. Just got back from a road trip from San Diego and Jackson Hole and those green sections did not correspond to anything we could think of. Kept showing up on the entire trip at random places; going through downtown SLC, in the middle of nowhere on all of I-15, two lane roads, 4 lane roads, uphill, downhill, etc. Traffic still showed as various shades of yellow, orange, or red.
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In Google Maps green means traffic moving at normal speed. If there have been no cars running Google Maps on a road segment to report traffic data, the road does not show any color.

I suspect the green indicates there is data and traffic is moving. Blue along the route probably indicates no data (i.e. no color from traffic data and blue indicating the route). Just guessing.
This is an old map issue. It seems to me to represent an area along a navigation route where the data is either missing or bad. I have two such sections along a commute from Galveston to Houston, each of which is about one mile long and where the car suddenly believes that the speed limit drops to local road speeds instead of highway speeds. That causes AP to hit the brakes hard, before speeding up again 5 seconds later. I can see it coming me when I approach the green section so know now to disengage AP so I don’t get rear-ended. But these areas have been there for the last 2 months. I’ve reported this back to Tesla.
The AutoSteer speed issue on 45 between BW8 and NASA Road 1 is caused by a combination of extended construction in that area as the highway was rebuilt with more lanes and using stale or incorrect speed limit data (which was made worse when Tesla shifted to TomTom for speed limit data last year).

The speed limit data appears to be based on areas where there was reduced speed during construction - areas where the speed may have been temporarily reduced or where highway lanes either didn't previously exist or where the highway lanes used to be where the frontage road used to be.

I've hit that same area and the same issue in other areas around Houston, and now know when AutoSteer will automatically reduce its speed based on the incorrect speed limit data.

When I hit those areas, I can keep AutoSteer activated - and maintain speed - by manually using the accelerator pedal and when the speed limit on the dashboard shows the car is back into a 65 MPH zone, I'll use the AP control to return the TACC speed to 70 MPH. It's less disruptive to do this than to disengage AutoSteer completely and then resume when the speed limit is correct.

While Tesla should fix this - I'm not expecting to see this fixed any time soon. We reported nav problems to Tesla on our neighborhood street (the software thinks it takes 5 minutes to roll a few feet on our block) in 2014 - and 4 years later, the problem still hasn't been fixed.