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New Nav trip planner behavior

I just got the new nav last week and was testing the routing by plugging in a few road trip destination I had in the past. To my surprise, it seems that the new nav is more aggressive on the buffer charge and prefer taking longer but less frequent charging stops.

e.g. for a route from Atlanta to National Harbor, the trip planner used to suggest 6 charge stops and now recommending only 3 (skipping Charlotte and instead of charging at South Hill, Glen Allen and Woodbridge, it recommends to charge at Chester only). As a result, the charge buffer used to be around 15% and now slightly over 5%.

Anyone else notice this change? I was under the impression that it was better to make more shorter stops for road trip as charging slows down significantly once reaching 80%. I wonder what is the rationale behind the change here.
Yes, I saw that too. Yesterday, I set a course from the Southbay to Los Angeles just to show a neighbor. I have an X100D and there used to be at least 2 stops. Now there's one in Kettleman City with barely 5% left. And arriving at the destination with 3% left. That's cutting it a bit too close for my comfort...
I compared it to abetterrouteplanner (changed setting of buffer charge from 10% to 5%) and realized that the charging stops are almost the same now. I am a bit concerned with this since 5% on my S75 is only 12 miles extra which could be easily gone with bad weather or a missed exit.
I've found in 2018.12 with the new maps, the initial charge remaining estimate is horribly pessimistic. For example, from Mojave to Kettleman, when I unplugged it said I only will have 12%. I arrived at 27% (the estimate rapidly improved as I started driving), despite driving 10-15 over the limit the whole way.
I’ve found that it doesn’t account for range mode - resulting in pessimism to the tune of 3%. Recent trip LA to east of SD and back. Same 3% additional buffer going and coming with a single stop at Clemente each way. A bit odd given the 2000’ elevation change in either direction. Same +10mph avg.

In some ways better, in some worse, but noticeably different, yeah.