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New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?


Jan 1, 2016
My 2014 CPO P85+ replaced a 2002 M3 convertible, purchased new for $65K and sold last week for $7K with 163k miles on it. I paid $85K out the door for the P85+.
BTW, not worrying about rear tire wear on the staggered setup as I felt lucky to get 12k miles out of a set of back tires on my M3 driving mostly freeways.


I have forgotten more than I remember
Oct 16, 2015
Sacramento, California
2006 Lexus GS300 AWD paid $23k ($56k new)
2012 P85 Sig fully loaded CPO with 18,000 miles $70k+tx ($109k+tx new) $56k down payment. Makes for an affordable car payment. Gas may be cheap right now but electric is free for life!

I try to save a buck where ever I can so the difference is about $47k. Best vehicle I have ever owned and no regrets! :)


Jan 18, 2016
Newport, RI
Our 70D ($88Kish before incentives) replaced our old 2002 BMW 325xi - so long ago don't remember what it cost but probably in the mid to upper 30s. Our other car is a 2007 Lexus IS250, also probably same price range as BMW.

We have never had a big sedan - and we prefer smaller cars. We had never spent so much on a car. Partly due to being practical, partly due to none of the cars in the upper range appealing to us for whatever reason. They just weren't "us."

I have followed Tesla from the beginning. When the MS was released, it was the first car in that price range I wanted. Husband shocked me when it was actually his idea (since he's the more practical one) to buy one. We are now deciding which Tesla will replace our Lexus. The only thing stopping it being an S or X is that we don't need two large cars. But if the 3 is a bust for us for whatever reason...it will be another S most likely.


Feb 11, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
2011 BMW M3 $66,000
2016 S 85D $98,000
a big chunk $32,000 upgrade, I never dreamed I would ever spend $100k on a car until I see what MS can offer, I just can't resist the from a computer on wheel.

Daniel Meola

Jan 6, 2016
Columbus, OH
2004 Mazda 3, $0 (gift from my parents). I've never paid for a car, and didn't see myself 'needlessly' paying more than 20k for a car, ever. My Model S is $75k more than my last car ($72k if you count its current $3k value).

I've been a long time fan of Tesla (early investor) but have always been so focused on saving money that I never considered it realistic within the next 5-10 years. I wanted to be patient and wait for the Model 3, but with a 1+ year timeline, I couldn't count on my current car lasting until Model 3 delivery. My next car likely would have been a used Honda Civic, but I decided that I couldn't stand the thought of supporting the oil industry. I checked out the BMW i3, Chevy Volt & Bolt online, but I would have been settling on a car that I considered outside of my price range and unattractive, just to tide me over until I bought a Tesla.

I went in to a Tesla store to ask about $40-50k CPOs, but took a test drive and dropped my deposit after trying autopilot.

I've never been more pleased with a purchase in my life, and I have not even taken delivery yet. To me Tesla encapsulates several of my ideals- it is a symbol of progress, the future, and a conscientious lifestyle with no compromises.


Aug 19, 2013
1997 Dodge Viper, bought in 2000 for 54k$, sold 14 years later for 35k$ (113$ per month!!)
Fantastic car. More exotic and much faster (after 60mph) than my P85. Both are beautiful. I miss the Viper a lot and will get another some day.

Model S was +50k$ over the Viper (not counting tax savings)


Feb 5, 2016
Beaverton, OR
2013 Chevy Volt - ~34K
2016 S85D (in production) - 95K

61K difference.

I never thought I would spend nearly 100K on a car. I didn't even look at other cars in the 100K range for comparison. Am I crazy? :)


Learning Member
Dec 25, 2015
2007 BMW 530i; purchased ~57k (sold for 10k).
2015 S70D; purchased ~88k.

either 31k or 78k diff depends on what you are comparing.

- - - Updated - - -

1997 Dodge Viper, bought in 2000 for 54k$, sold 14 years later for 35k$ (113$ per month!!)
Fantastic car. More exotic and much faster (after 60mph) than my P85. Both are beautiful. I miss the Viper a lot and will get another some day.

Model S was +50k$ over the Viper (not counting tax savings)View attachment 111822

Love how the Tesla and the Viper bracket Our Flag!


Dec 22, 2015
Atlanta, GA
2014 Nissan Leaf - 30K
2016 70D (delivery June) - 88k

58K difference!

I originally thought I was crazy for going for the 90D and downgraded after taking the 70D for a weekend test drive amazing car!!!! The $101,900 didn't sit well for the 90D. LOL


Jan 2, 2016
United States
2011 BMW 535xi
paid 32k for it.

new Tesla 85D ordered came in at 98k before taxes so about 56k over what I paid for my last car. BMW was loaded though so it was a premium car and loved it. If it werent for tesla I would have gotten another BMW.


Active Member
Nov 24, 2015
Indianapolis, IN
Believe it or not, I replaced a 2011 Honda Fit. Around a 100K more. Actually, I kept the Fit "for personal use" because I can still tow it behind my Motorhome. The S is far too heavy. I park behind it every night.

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Active Member
Oct 20, 2014
2012 Audi S4 6MT with e-differential $50k
2015 Model S85D second owner $77k.

I keep bragging that I had the pleasure of driving the most accomplished 6MT AWD sedan
and then jumped into the perfected electric car.

Only difference is that Tesla did in 10 years what took the auto industry 100 years, an exaggeration
of course given the many technologies borrowed from the mainstream auto suppliers.

Never going back to an ICE unless I have to sell the Model S to help family in need and drive a $2k beater.


Mar 1, 2015
Chesapeake, VA
Wife: 03 Civic Ex -> 08 535xi Wagon Touring (with manual) -> S 85
Me: 87 Fiero GT, 05 Chevy SSR (manual), 05 Saabaroo (totaled) and replaced with 09 X5 35d. All for sale now. -> P85D

Keeping the 911 C4 to go racing. :)


Apr 11, 2015
Atlanta, GA
Here is my progression:
2013 Tesla P85 CPO bought in 2016 for $56k
2013 Nissan LEAF $22,500 (after fed) but I leased at $60 a month after $5k state refund :)
2008 BMW 335 coupe CPO bought in 2011 for $33k
2002 Subaru Outback bought new for $23k


Oct 19, 2015
hong kong
2015 p85D. $168,000 canadian
2009 C63 p30 package. $105,000 canadian. Sold for $60,000.
2011 Golf R. Big turbo build. $82,000 Canadian. Sold for $45,000.
E46 M3 used. $23,000 Canadian. Sold for $24,000.

loved all my cars :)


Feb 19, 2015
Sarasota, FL
I had a Chevy Volt. Totally loaded came to about $43K ish brand new. So my 85D was about $67K more than my previous car. I still can't believe I spent that much on a car, neither can my wife.

I'm in this boat too. They say the Volt is the "gateway drug" to EVs . . . once you try it, you'll never go back.

$43k was my 2011 fully loaded Volt.
$105k was my nearly fully loaded 90D.
$62k difference.

But, OTUs will keep it fresh, autopilot is latest and greatest, and 250+ miles of interstate range with Superchargers will get us wherever we need to go now with NO gas. It is a lot to spend on a car though . . . basically another mortgage.

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