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New Plates or Transfer Plates in IL?

Can I transfer my old License Plates (Gasoline Car) to new Tesla Model Y in Illinois?

What is the cost difference betwen Transferring License Plates from old Car and getting new License Plates for Tesla in Illinois?

Any benefits of new License Plates?
Pretty sure in Illinois you are required to have EV plates. They would not allow me to transfer. As it’s Illinois I suspect it’s because annual plate stickers cost Double in IL. Was shocked by that.
It's not double, but it is close at $100 more than normal plates ($251 vs $151).

Originally, I didn't think you could transfer plates... because of the cost difference. But Illinois has allowed EV owners to get vanity plates while paying the $100 surcharge on top of the vanity plate fees, for the last couple of years. Which means there's no distinction between ICE and EV for vanity plates (aside from the cost).

On IL SOS's site, they also mention transferring plates, but nothing specifically about transferring to EVs, but at the same time, nothing prohibiting it.

So, if they do allow transferring from ICE to EV, then it'll likely involve the $100 surcharge.