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New S/X "Gear Shifts"

Well that's friggan awful. The cost cutting on a $100k car is ridiculous. Just give us a normal stalk.

The thread mentions the steering wheel controls. I've not seen anything on it but it seems a bit weird as it requires a couple of clicks (one to activate the selector, then the right scroll wheel to control the direction). Certainly could be a lot safer, easier and, in the end, faster to simply have a stalk.
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I have a friend who had his right arm amputated.. He can drive normal cars using his left hand by reaching across his body to manipulate the shifter (column mounted and some console mounted ones). But those are also large that it's an easy object to manipulate. Having this small screen manipulated "button", is going to be a PITA.

He likes my Tesla because of all the voice commands (when they work), to control the entire vehicle. Wonder if they will add a voice command for shifting?
Like i've said somewhere.

If that's true, i hate it!
Bring back the stalks, please.

Having to take your hand from the wheel to hit reverse, is clearly a step back.

There's controls on the steering wheel as well.

Now the question how usable is it in the real world, while dealing with traffic. Is it something that can be done quickly and without having to stare at the controls/being distracted? I'm suspecting it might work okay. It's supposed to be a button press followed by some function with the right scroll wheel - might be do-able. A brief video of it might be truly helpful.

Perhaps Baxterdown could comment on this?
Well then... good. One less opinionated a-hole. If you’re going to throw a tantrum and leave in a huff before even sitting in the car, then take your Barbi doll and go.
First... calm down.
Second, I've sat in the car. Driven the car. Owned a tesla for years. I've Intervened as it would have wrecked in autopark. Watched as it didn't recognize large objects in front of me or behind me and would happily have run into them on summon. Situational awareness isn't so great.
I've used the screen, with zero haptic feedback as to what I'm activating, which is annoying enough when it's a non-essential function. Now I'm glancing at the screen to see if I'm in the right gear (that it guessed!) rather than looking where I'm driving in a pedestrian-rich area? Toddlers run fast.
I've used a HomeLink implementation that would close the garage on top of the car or run the car right into the door or wall. I've had nav try to take me 150 miles out of the way and leave me with zero battery at the destination. Is the same team doing predictive gear switching, too?
See my concern? I may have an opinion, but it's based on years of experience, broken promises,and missed dates. Sometimes, enough's enough.
I have a 2017 X which I love but have been looking to change the car. I have been thinking of maybe getting an S or, even though I don't like the interior, a performance model 3 to save a bit of money. I used to joke that the model 3 will end up with the indicator controls on the touch screen and this new innovation is as close to that stupidity as you could come. No way will I buy the S with this feature. Tesla make great cars but their software choices get worse and worse as the years go by and their automated features are all useless with the exception of autopilot which is only occasionally wrong or annoying.
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I am very interested to see how this works, and the rumor about direction buttons on the wheel. My X lease is up in June, so I will be getting a new vehicle by early summer. Test driving a Y next week, but will probably end up with an X because of space and better ride (we own a M3 LR and I don't like the ride). I wish there was a lot more certainty about how the lack of stalks and switch to buttons, and the yoke versus "regular" steering wheel. I really like some of the other upgrades such as the ANC and longer range (current car is X 75), but the steering and gear selector are big question marks in my mind.
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There is an inexorable march towards full-time, full self-driving, and Elon is pushing it hard.

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a physical lever to change gears. When I'm trying to escape an attacker, I don't want to be fumbling on a touchscreen.
Being able to operate the guns with the trigger on the yoke will help defend from attackers.
Ah! That's different, then.
I thought you could only put it in reverse from the screen :rolleyes:

Technically there's 3 options: the steering wheel controls, the screen and the fully automatic gear selection.

It's definitely something to ponder a bit, then hopefully test drive before delivery. I'm on the fence in a way. It's better to have the gear selector in a static position as opposed to on a turning steering wheel (think: turning/positioning your steering wheel before moving into a spot, then trying to change direction - the steering wheel could be upside down).