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New soft closing door kit for Model S

I'd allow 4-5 hours depending on how handy you are.

I took way too long pondering one connector in the front door (just pull it firmly -- see my post above) and also struggling with the rubber seal in the back seat (I should have cut it), plus being a bit careful on the trim - I'll bet those things delayed my time by 45-60 minutes. The first 2 doors (front, rear passenger side) took about 3 hours because of this, but once I did that side, I could likely get through the other 2 doors within 1-1/2 - 2 hours easily.

My install completion was delayed when the rear actuator didn't work so I had to wait for the replacement, but once the replacement came, I installed it in less than 30 mins (since I left some of the trim off).
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Just happened across this thread again now that I've got my MS and I'm tempted to buy but with the issues you guys are having with tracking and shipping I'm a little reluctant.

I've read the whole post but want to be double triple sure.

Is the AliExpress kit 100% the same as what TeslaOffer shows in their install videos? read that it is, but want to confirm.

Also how many of you got their kits from AE, and how long did it take to show up?
Any US Buyers get theirs already?
And I saw someone mention discount from the seller, what is that all about?

thanks in advance.
I can tell you that based on my personal experience, the Tesla Offer vendor is definitely responsive, and ships incredibly quickly via DHL express. I got my original kit as well as a replacement unit each within 5-6 days to Canada, and I've been able to communicate with him via email and WhatsApp.

TeslaOffer's pricing is higher than the AliExpress sellers, though. He did have a $50 off offer initially but I think that's gone now. I do think it's good to reward him for making the tutorial video.

I actually think the other AliExpress sellers are indeed selling the same kit, but others have shown issues with delivery and I wonder what service would be like. I think one member did get his.

Regardless, I think the kit works really well and well worth it!
I purchased the AliExpress version and it arrived to me in about 1 week’s time (to Los Angeles).

I managed to install the front two and I’d say the motors are actually quite loud when closing. also, I’ve noticed the door actually takes less effort to close (in general). Using the same amount of force I’m accustomed to, the door will actually shut completely before the soft close can even do its thing. I’m consciously now making an effort to actually close it more softly, almost in an unnatural way.

If I had anything negative to say, it’d be that it’s a bit too loud. Imagine the sound of your trunk when closing but even louder than that. Other than that, its a pretty neat aftermarket add!
Did my rear doors today and ran into a snag. The aftermarket locking mechanism does not sit flush to the car because there is an exposed rolled edge on my S (2019 pre-raven). The cable assembly protrudes out just enough for it to be an issue. I ended up having to shave off about 5mm off in order to place the lock in place so be mindful you might run into the same issue. Aside from that, everything tucked neatly in place.

side note: I think the motors actually sound “louder” because they’re double-side taped to the exterior (aluminum) panels so it enhances the sound... when I was testing the doors prior to finalizing things, the motors were actually pretty whisper quiet inside the car... so if someone is able to get creative in insulating the motor on the actuator, it should definitely dampen and quiet things down a bit...


Sorry I have been really late to reply to this thread. I have now had all of the door locks installed for over a month now and some things I've ran into since the install.

When I installed the kit on the front doors I put the actuator sideways on the door with the adhesive as shown in the video install. I guess in the Florida heat the adhesive failed and the actuator fell down into the door causing my window to not close properly. I mounted the actuator on the cross beam and it appears to be working well now and not getting in the way of the window. I attached a picture of what it looked like when I took the door card off.

I also had some issues with the rear locks that I didn't have on the front. One issue that I was having for about two weeks was that one lock would require the rear passenger to pull on the door handle twice to actually unlock. This went away by itself but I was looking at getting a replacement until it fixed itself.

The other lock when I installed it somehow installed itself into a locking position and would not let me close the door. I had to take the rear apart, pull the power to the lock and reseat it to have the lock properly open up for me to shut the door. After this problem during the install I have not had any issues with that rear lock.

General note:
- my bolt that held the front door latch stripped when I was trying to take out the factory lock mechanism - that factory thread-lock is really tight and the metal is soft. Does anyone know where to get replacement bolts or what their spec is? I guess I could ask at Tesla service but I’m reluctant to raise their eyebrows for this clearly non-warranty thing! After I live with my installation I’m applying some blue thread lock in mine to avoid loosening over time, but that stuff does release easier than whatever Tesla uses.

I’ve already seen the actuators do their jobs as people get in and out of the car. Definitely one of my more satisfying mods and I encourage others to get it!

Took over a month to get my new screw in and for them to tell me the part number but it is:
BLT CSKFLT TRX M6-1.00X18[9.8]ZnAl

I attached pictures of the screw


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That adhesive failing is definitely a concern! Can you post pictures of how you fixed it to the cross beam? It would be good to know if there’s enough clearance and at what part of the cross beam? Did you use zip ties? In my car the cross beam had ridges this not a lot of surface area for adhesive.

Also: if the actuator is on the support bar, I wonder if it’s quieter since it’s not radiating on the door aluminium.

Thanks for the bolt info. Actually I walked into the Tesla service department and asked for a few bolts and they gave them to me for free!
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Hard to really show it but I tried to mark how I placed it on the picture. There is a small "L" at the end of the actuator that I was able to fit between the cross beam and the outside of the door. I just used the same adhesive that was still on the actuator plus a little more of the blue stuff they sent in the box and it seems to be working fine. I figure since the adhesive doesn't have to hold the weight of the actuator plus keep it in place it should be fine. I didn't put any zip ties on it since I wasn't convinced it would keep it in place. If this doesn't work I think I could get a screw and bolt it down into the cross beam but I would need a 90 degree screw driver which I don't have.


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I finally got time to start my install today and it took me 3 hours to do just 1 door!. I spent a Huge amount of time tidying up cables to ensure good clearance from the window following down. I also tested it half way through by reattaching cables so had to practically do the steps twice!

Im dreading doing the back door because there's even less room to fit all the parts in!

lastly, I discovered I'm missing a yellow power cable and black ground cable from one of the sets! FFS.
@Rockwell by any chance did you get your kit/find someone in the Los Angeles or nearby area to do it for you?

Hi. I'm helping Rockwell with the soft close. We've done a number of retrofits/upgrades. Will probably be available to help people do retrofits and upgrades in the near future. We are out of OC, However I spend a good amount of time in LA also. Can do smaller projects in LA. Bigger ones will likely have to be in OC depending on tool needs and timing of projects.
Hi. I'm helping Rockwell with the soft close. We've done a number of retrofits/upgrades. Will probably be available to help people do retrofits and upgrades in the near future. We are out of OC, However I spend a good amount of time in LA also. Can do smaller projects in LA. Bigger ones will likely have to be in OC depending on tool needs and timing of projects.
Thanks for the note! OC is no big deal for me for an afternoon -- can you let me know if you'd like another test guinea pig?? :)

I'll PM you with my information. Keep me posted!

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