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New software problems with 2019.32.10.1

A lot of new features but some definite driving problems popping up.
The car does not recognize at least half of the oncoming cars even though they pass about 5 feet from my M3 DLD. Of those it does recognize the screen shows them coming on even though they have just passed.
On our country road without speed limit signs the screen shows a max speed (not a speed limit sign) of the last time I was on a nearby highway.
When I was parked at a school waiting to pick up a child the screen correctly showed a school bus parked about 25 five feet in front of me but the same max speed showed. When the bus left the max speed circle disappeared.
The car now shows double center lines when they are present (a nice fix) but sometimes loses lines on both sides of the lane even though they are present.
On lane split and convergence it is a toss up. It handled the first split very well (even with some old lane markings painted over in black) but had a little problem with the convergence. On the return it went squirrelly on the split but did settle down but the convergence where there was a wide lane presented by the convergence it went beserk. Beeping and moving the car quickly back and forth trying to find a line. It did not do that in 2019.32.2.
Anyway those are the problems I discovered in just a couple of hours of driving.I
Oh, even with the problems I love my tesla. I bought it for safety and it is better than my ice hyundai. Now if they can fix those problems.
One more thing, I was having lane divergence warnings. Tesla had a notice of some the occurrences but not all of them. I took pictures of the screen at those times but they had one I did not see on my screen and did not have others. Strange.