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New Star Trek TV Series in 2017(Nerdgasm Alert!)


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Jul 2, 2013
Los Angeles, USA
STUDIO CITY, CALIF. AND NEW YORK, N.Y. – Nov. 2, 2015 – CBS Television Studios announced today it will launch a totally new “Star Trek” television series in January 2017. The new series will blast off with a special preview broadcast on the CBS Television Network. The premiere episode and all subsequent first-run episodes will then be available exclusively in the United States on CBS All Access, the Network’s digital subscription video on demand and live streaming service.

The next chapter of the “Star Trek” franchise will also be distributed concurrently for television and multiple platforms around the world by CBS Studios International.

The new program will be the first original series developed specifically for U.S. audiences for CBS All Access, a cross-platform streaming service that brings viewers thousands of episodes from CBS’s current and past seasons on demand, plus the ability to stream their local CBS Television station live for $5.99 per month.(wah wah wah waaaah) CBS All Access already offers every episode of all previous “Star Trek” television series.

The brand-new “Star Trek” will introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966.


I really want to watch a new Star Trek series. Don't know how I feel about $6 per month plus having to watch "limited commercials." There is nothing else I would want to watch on CBS All Access. It is hard to get used to the idea of paying for something your are accustom to getting for free.

Evidently the economics don't work out for public broadcast where all the advertisers are chasing the 18-49 demographic or 12-35 demographic. Star Trek's fan base is overwhelmingly 40-75. Evidently, they don't care how old the person is who is paying $6 though.
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Rob, I also saw that announcement this morning and suffered a "nerdgasm" [emoji6]. Sure hope they get good writers and come up with some original characters. Hey, how about the Vulcan son of Spock? That could be "fascinating".
I am a member of the original Star Trek fan base, and can distinctly remember watching the first broadcast episode in 1966


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Oct 22, 2013
McKinney, TX
I've been watching Star Trek since its first run, though I didn't see it until '68. I'm in for anything Star Trek.

I must admit that I still have lingering bitterness over them pulling the plug on "Enterprise," just as it was really finding its legs. And the horrid final episode stung worst of all.
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I just hope it is not a moronic disaster like the Enterprise Series or the Voyager Series. I love Star Trek but couldn't stand the idiocy of those two series.

The Next Generation developed really well and Picard make for an exceptional captain. Scott Bakula as the captain of Enterprise seemed like a clown by comparison.


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Jul 24, 2015
Clark Co, WA
Voyager and Deep Space Nine were mediocre.

Enterprise was mediocre than got good the last season and a half.

TNG started off very poor, got mediocre quick and ended nominated for 58 Emmys and winning 19. Plus 2 Hugo Awards

Never watched Babylon 5.

The producers who took over after Gene Rodenbury died lost the vision. Star Trek was so popular because Rodenbury was a optimist about the future. He painted a future where the problems of the world in the 1960s had been solved Earth was mostly at peace. TNG started off with some horrible writing, but the same vision. They got better writers and started to get the fans back. Deep Space 9 was supposed to be a show about a space station holding together a fragile peace on the edge of the Federation. When Rodenbury died, the new producers were more dystopian and Trek went into that direction with wars and slews of problems rather than optimism.

Enterprise got some new writers half way through who were fans of the original series who did a decent job cleaning up the inconsistencies between Enterprise and TOS and bringing back the optimism, but by the time they hit their stride, the audience had already tuned out.

I initially didn't see Babylon 5, but watched it on DVD not long after we got Netflix. It was the second show I ever binge watched (the first was The Prisoner when someone loaned me the tapes for a weekend only). It was surprisingly good.


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Zefram Cochrane inventory of Warp Drive?
Yes, I know who he is. Zefram Cochrane - Wikipedia

And I know you meant to type "inventor". ;)

In my post describing him as a "fictional character", my point was to contrast his name with the other names used in that clip from the show, the Wright Brothers and Elon Mush, non-fictional characters.


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Jul 24, 2015
Clark Co, WA
We didn't see the latest episode until last night. I noticed that exchange, but heard about it here first. :)

What do people think about the new series? I have read that Discovery will explain the departure from the original timeline as the show progresses, but while the writing and acting is very good as well as the special effects, Star trek keeps running into trouble deviating from Gene Rodenbury's original vision. I probably wouldn't have any trouble with it and would continue watching with few criticisms if they called if something other than Star Trek, which would have been easy to do.

Gene Rodenbury drew in his original audience by telling a story of a future where humanity works out most of the issues of that day (the 1960s) and is on to other issues. TNG had evolved even further.

When Rodenbury died, Rick Berman took over and he is more of a dystopian. Star Trek became more about external conflicts (wars) than about the conflicts of values the older series focused on. The original audience stuck with the series though up to the point where they started going back in time and messing with the time line.

Enterprise was the first deviation and the audience abandoned the show from the first season on. In the last season they started to get some fans of the original ST on the writing staff and the show started moving back towards canon, but by then it was too late. Most of the core audience had given up. I thought the 2nd half of the last season was the best of the series. It was also closer to Rodenbury's vision of the commercial releases since his death. (Some of the fan-made stuff is very close to Rodenbury's vision.)

IMO the canon reboot movies are unwatchable. They have good eye candy, but the scenario is completely unbelievable. After watching the 2nd movie I commented I wanted that 2 hours of my life back. I haven't seen the third.

I think Discovery is a well made space opera about a space war between humanity and a hostile alien race. The characters are well crafted and the central character has lots of internal conflict, which gives the writers lots to work with.

Lois McMaster Bujold who has won a bunch of Nebulas for her Vorkosigan series of books has been asked about where she came up with her central character who is a brilliant but very flawed figure. She said when she was learning to write one of her teachers said never to make life too easy for your characters. You may like it, but it doesn't make a good story. Michael is like that (though in a very different way from Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan).

IMO what made Star Trek Star Trek was the utopian vision of the future. Wars had happened, and conflicts happened throughout the series, but the overarching goal of the series was one that peace was actually possible. Tensions might exist between races, and flareups happened, but they never had a full blown war.

The way the world looks today, I think we need a vision more like the original ST and TNG than another series about a war.

Overall I have mixed feelings about Discovery. As Star Trek, I have a problem with it. As a story, it is drawing me in.

My SO hated the original ST and has barely tolerated anything since (she was in theater and the cheesiness of the original production bothers her no end). She's not much into Science Fiction at all. We were deciding what to watch last night, and there were some episodes of series I know she likes more than I do in the queue of things to watch and she went with Discovery first. It's unusual she would pick a Science Fiction program over other, more terrestrial programs.

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