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New Tesla Full Glass Roof & Rear Liftgate Sunshades


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Oct 12, 2017
I'm 99% sure these are new, but I want to apologize in advance if they've already been mentioned:

Model S Fixed Glass Roof Sunshade

Model S Rear Liftgate Sunshade

I've only ever seen these for the sunroof version of the car. So far, heat hasn't been a problem here in Florida, but maybe come July and August I'll change my mind.

Not sure how visibility will be out the back window with the rear tailgate.
Those aren't new. I have the sunshade. Its great. Visibility is diminished but my kids' eyes are shaded. Its not like the rear view is that great anyways with the middle seat headrest blocking most of the key areas. I use the rear view camera 100% of the time to ensure I have a good rear view.

I like it better than tint because while tint is clearer, I can remove it to get extra solar load in the winter and put it back (in 10 seconds) during the rest of the 9 months of the year. Tesla gives a storage pouch.

The fixed glass sunshade debuted on or around April 2017 (I got my all glass roof'd car in Dec 2016 and the first ones were delivered in November, I think).
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Thanks. The back one too? Can you see through it?

I meant I only have the rear sunshade (instead of tinting that window). I can see out the back but it is partially obscured (details are less present but you can easily see where vehicles are which is all I use). I primarily use the rear cam to actually scan my rear view, so the sunshade isn't really blocking my view at all.

I have no experience with the glass roof sunshade because the tint is more than adequate for me. I've had my car 16 months and while solar load from the windshield is an issue (and side windows if they are untinted) during the summer, the roof doesn't contribute that much.