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New Tesla Model 3 -keeps rebooting screen

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Hello everyone

I am new to the Tesla family and loved it first few days! however on the 5th day or so I noticed the screen kept rebooting (with screen going black and reappearing with the Tesla logo). tried restarting it but no luck on fixing the issue. I noticed it happening more when reversing my car and it happens occasionally while driving. I took it to service last week and they had to get engineering involved and then once engineering couldn't figure it out they now have software department involved. I don't know what to do! they said I can still pick up my car and use it and software people will work on the issue offline.

Has this happened to anyone? Any ideas on what to do? not sure if I should pick up my car because concerned of them ignoring my issue! I don't find it safe driving with a black screen either (already been in an accident 2 months back where I lost my car).

Any insight at all would be much appreciated : )
Haven’t heard or read about this type of issue, Lemon Law, get another one as this isn’t normal for a very new car.

What’s your build date, check inside your door and what’s your current software version.

My SR+ is doing this. I have had it a week and the screen has rebooted probably 10 times. Seems to happen when I unplug and get in and go into reverse. Just get a blank screen and the Tesla logo.