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New Tesla Model in accident

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Hello everyone, I took delivery of my Tesla model 3 on December 12th and have been really enjoying the car. Just added clear bra to whole front end two weeks ago and just ceramic coated the rest of the car and yesterday some lady backed up and hit my car scraping from front fender to back lower quarter panel and also made a crease in the door. My options are either Dallas or Austin for service centers. So what can I expect in getting the car repaired? I have State Farm insurance and lady has Progressive. I filed with her insurance however they suggested I file with mine because they placed my claim under investigation. State Farm wants me to send pics for appraisals but it’s hard to see damage in pics.
First thing is making sure the crazy lady and her shady insurance company don't try to wiggle out of paying. Did you get any Sentry or Dashcam footage?

I had someone run into me on the freeway and cause a multi-car accident. Even with the police reports and witnesses, his State Farm was doing everything they could to blame me, but then I emailed them the dashcam footage and it was game over.

Expect the whole thing to take forever, your car not to look as good as new when it's done, and a big fight over diminished value and loss of use claims. It just doesn't pay to have someone hit your car.
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My Model 3 is currently insured with State Farm. I've experienced major two issues with State Farm involving the same incident:

Issue 1: A deer recently ran into the driver's side, damaging the driver's-side door panel and front fender. I notified State Farm of the incident and was instructed to take the car to any State Farm approved collision center. I stopped by a local State Farm approved collision center and was told by the individual that handles the State Farm claims that they "do not touch Tesla's" and that i should take my care to a Tesla-certified collision center.

Issue 2: My M3 is currently in the Tesla-certified collision center for repair. Their labor rate for Tesla's is $60 per hour. However, State Farm will only pay a maximum of $46 per hour. I have a $500 deductible and will be responsible for the additional $14 per hour labor rate. Although the car is still being repaired, I've been told by the Tesla repair shop that the additional labor rates will total up to $500. So my total repair will cost in the vicinity of $1000, assuming that they don't identify any additional problems requiring repair.

Bottom line: I will be switching insurance companies once my car is out of the shop. Incidentally, the representative at the Tesla-certified collision center stated that they have had great experience with Erie Insurance when it comes to repairs - no hassles!
State Farm’s estimate is $3200 and the Tesla certified body shop's estimate is $7600. So I am kinda worried that I am going to be paying more than just my deductible. So I might be looking for a different insurance company depending on how this goes.
I’d call hers and tell them they need to get it taken care of or you’ll get a lawyer involved. Since you have footage, they can’t win and usually you just gotta let them know who’s boss , and that’ll get them in gear. She has at the very minimum for Texas 25k property damage per accident so they have to pay to get it fixed up to that.