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New Tesla Podcast: Introducing RIDE THE LIGHTNING!


Tesla Podcast Host
Oct 10, 2009
San Francisco, CA
Apologies for the self-promotion here, but I've just started a weekly Tesla podcast and it's just been approved on iTunes, so I wanted to tell you all about it!

It's called Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast. Since my wife and friends complain that I do nothing but talk about Tesla in my free time, I thought I'd start a show about it! :biggrin: I am a veteran podcaster in my day job, so while RTL will certainly get better as I get a feel for what I want the show to be, hopefully it's at least halfway decent out of the gate. :tongue:

Each episode will recap the week's Tesla news and give my analysis on that news. Over time I hope to land some interviews with people ranging from fellow enthusiasts such as yourselves all the way to Tesla executives (Elon being the pipe-dream "get"). In the first episode, I talk about the Model S referral program, explain what I think is the real reason why Ludicrous Mode happened, and more. I hope you'll give it a try and, if you do, I hope you enjoy it! I welcome your constructive feedback as well, of course.

Here's the iTunes link

Here's a direct MP3 download link

Listen online in your browser here

Here's the RSS link.

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Hi Ryan,

In the show you asked for feedback. Here is some feedback:

1. In the opening message you gave the iTunes link first however many people don't use iTunes. Many of us don't use any Apple product at all for various reasons however all of us can listen to content online. Therefore the first link should be where you can listen to the show which is this: Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast When I saw iTunes, my first reaction was. "damn, only a paid version is available."

2. Then when you mention the actual link you describe it as "a blog" and "MP3 download link". I don't think this is accurate. There is no blog post. It is just a two sentence description. Also why mention the mp3 download link before you say "listen online"? Again my first reaction was, "the show is not available to listen online." I don't want to download an mp3 just to listen to a podcast. I think before you go into details such as iTunes, downloading mp3 or a blog post, it would be good if you just gave a link and said listen online. How do I listen online, that's what I'm looking for. The link descriptions are more confusing than necessary.

3. The music at the beginning [and between transitions] could be annoying to some people. Personally I don't like it but it's not a big issue for me but because of that music I'm not sure if I should recommend this show to anyone because I'm not sure it would be a good user experience.

4. In the podcast you talk about a Model S review video. Whenever you talk about something that listeners might want to check out, there should be a link to that content in the description. [Update after I finished listening: The same goes for your twitter link that you described at the end but there is no clickable link. Because you are a tech reviewer on Youtube I assume you know MKBHD reviews. He always puts all the links in the description. I'm so used to that, whenever I don't see the links it seems very wrong.] It turns out I watched your video when it was published. It was a good video. I liked it. But I didn't know that was you. Because your name is not somewhere visible on the podcast page, I was trying to figure out how to find the video. Then I noticed the name in the footer and did a google search. It shouldn't be so complicated.

5. The logo you are using looks like it was made in Microsoft paint. The black header of the blog podcast page isn't very good. The presentation could be better. I guess the good news is, it can only get better from here.

6. I see that you are using a podcast hosting company. I think I would prefer if you just uploaded to Youtube. Here are a few reasons why:
◘ What does your choice mean in terms of this content being around a few years from now? I don't like it when content is gone forever.
◘ People who post links to this content wouldn't have to worry about broken links after a while if you use Youtube.
◘ You can link to specific moments in Youtube videos by adding #t=1m25s to links. That's why I prefer Tesla conference calls on Youtube over the original audio files on Tesla website.
◘ I would prefer to subscribe and comment on Youtube.

7. If you decide to change the name to something simple like Ryan's Tesla Podcast, that wouldn't be such a bad idea. I guess the music choice has something to do with the name so I wanted to add that you could drop both.
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Hi Ryan,

I thought it was a great first episode which sets up the show nicely and I'm looking forward to the next one.
I would echo the two points Matteo made about the music and the logo, but apart from that, I felt it was well articulated and can tell it's not your first podcast.

Good luck!
Hi Ryan,

In the show you asked for feedback. Here is some feedback:

Wow, lots of feedback here Matteo! Your feedback seems mostly concerned with how to get the show as opposed to the content itself, so that's good. :smile: Let me address your points one by one:

1) I've edited the OP to include more clear links to the iTunes page, the "Listen online" page, the direct MP3 download link, and the RSS feed. I hope that helps.

2) See above.

3) Fair enough, but A) You can't please everyone, and B) The music clips are themed to the name of the show, and they're 20 seconds or less. So not too much to have to stomach if you don't like them. And perhaps at some point a good Samaritan with audio-editing/music-making skills will make me a custom intro, outro, and segment bumpers. :wink:

4) Again, point taken. I mentioned it more in passing -- I wasn't looking to drive traffic to it -- but you're right, some folks may want to see that review, so a link in the description would've been handy. I'll note that for future episodes.

5) Well, that's just your opinion. :tongue: The logo isn't there to win any design awards, it's there to easily catch your eye on iTunes (which, in my day-job podcasting experience, is where literally 98% of your listeners will get the show) with Tesla-styling and colors. If a logo stops you from listening to the show...well, then I probably wasn't going to hook you anyway, haha.

6) I have extensive metrics from my day job that shows, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that people do not consume audio podcasts on YouTube in numbers that are anywhere close to making it worth the time it would take for me to create a YouTube channel and upload episodes to YouTube each week. I am just one person, doing this in my free time. Maybe YouTube will become more of a podcasting hub in the future, but for now it's simply not worth it.

7) Respectfully, no one is going to listen to a show called "Ryan's Tesla Podcast." They'd only do that if I were some big-name celebrity whose name had "juice." The name I chose has widespread familiarity as a well-known Metallica album, and has a fun literal meaning when applied to a Tesla. It's all in good fun. And again, if things like the name and the music are your biggest complaints, then I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start. :biggrin:

Thanks for giving it a listen!

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