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New to me 2013 P85+

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1st electric car for me and I love it.

My 1st question is the Gen 1 plug doesn't fit my electric dryer outlet which I don't use. I see Tesla has them for the Gen 2 but were can I find a Gen 1 adapter.

It sits on T Sportline 20x9.0" Front, 20x10" Rear and seems to have all the options per the CPO paperwork in the glovebox.

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Sorry did not answer your question. If an adapter for your dryer outlet is not available, then you might change the outlet to a plug configuration for which Tesla sells an adapter. I am guessing the dryer has a 30A 220-240V circuit properly installed and permitted, but check to be sure.

For now, just plug into a standard NEMA 5-15 three prong grounded outlet, which will let you draw 12A and about 3 miles of range an hour.

For upgrade info to getting a higher charge rate, see the Tesla tap website under charging.

Just get the minimum you need for daily use, unless you are far from a SC, or drive a lot.
Hmm....drove one in my mispent youth in the 70's....

But, did you check the Gen 1 adapters in the Tesla store? There are like 6 of them...

For the same money as an adapter, you could change the outlet provided the wiring and circuit breaker are appropriate.

I charge at 27A, 20RM per hour. Plenty for me, but I am less than 20 min from a SC, and have FUSC for life of the car..
I like to have as much amperage available as possible but that said even here near Green Bay I got by on a dryer 10-30 (3prong 30amp) a yearoutlet for, yours is likely a 14-30 (4prong 30amp) is the newer version.
As stated Tesla sells the adapter for this.
Highly unlikely the wiring will support a standard 14-50 and illegal if the current breaker does.