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New to Tesla, Model Y delivery 30th, seeking advice please


Sep 28, 2021
Sonoma, CA
Hi, I'm new here.

My first Tesla, a Model Y, LR, blue, induction wheels, black interior, tow package will be delivered on the 30th (ordered in July).
I am quite excited, I have watched all of the Tesla site videos and a number of them on YouTube.

I am seeking advice on inspecting it when I go to pick it up on Thursday.
I did a search but did not find any solid guidance or videos providing checklists on the most important things to check or look for.
If you have a moment, could you please offer advice or a link that could provide thorough guidance on doing an effective and complete delivery inspection?

Also, if you happen to be in the Corte Madera area on Thursday at 11 a.m., I would welcome an experienced helper with a sharp eye to assist me in completing the inspection.
Lunch would be on me of course.

p.s. I have already installed and tested my Wall Charger Gen 3 with the long cable (60A breaker), and I have a pile of accessories (floor liners, window shades, Tesla tire pump/sealant kit, car cover, frunk & trunk liners, mud flaps, etc) in the middle of my guest room awaiting the delivery of my new car. 🙂



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Jul 12, 2020
Fort Myers FL
Congratulations! I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy the Model Y. The vast majority of issues at delivery generally deal with fit and finish problems. These have gotten better over time but still need to be looked for. Here's a checklist that may help. Good luck tomorrow.
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Aug 31, 2017
I’m not gonna comment about the obvious ones like paint and panel gaps. From personal experience, I’d check if the windshield wiper is touching the hood when operating. Mine was touching and it was chipping away paint.

I’d also check if the inductions have curb rash. Delivery centers tend to hide it with black marker.

I’d also reach underneath the car and check the jack points and see if they’re damaged. I’ve read posts about the jack point being damaged and it wasn’t until months later when the owner found out. I believe Tesla denied the warrant claim. Not sure. But you can imagine it’s a difficult repair if possible at all.


OD 9/9 MYLR5 Blue 20" B&W - delivery 9/29
Jun 21, 2021
I am picking up later today and going to use one of the following:

Tesla Prep

‎Inspect T

General start will be this that came from someone on here but didn't note the user sorry:
  1. Lap 1, Keep off the car 10ft and just walk around the car looking at the overall appearance of the paint and color match between panels. Change the height your looking at the car as you go around.
  2. Lap 2, start at the hood and compare body line size side to side, top to bottom, and across the front. Also look at transition height between panels. Look at gaps for headlights, look at bumper gaps and transitions. Continue around the car just focused on gaps, body lines, and transition between panels. Particularly where multiple parts come together.
  3. Lap 3, this is paint check time. Start at hood and just really check the paint. You will have to learn to look "at" the paint and not "through" it or the reflection like you normally do. You'll see what I mean when you actually "see" the paint. Shifting around the angle you look at the paint from nearly looking across it to directly at it then back to nearly across it. All paint has some defects even if freshly polished (just harder and more infrequent to find) but you looking for scuffs and heavy scratches. You will also be likely to see panel defects at this point. Go panel by panel make note of anything. I open the doors as I finish each door.
  4. Lap 4, inspect the jams of the trunk, doors, and rear hatch. Also look at the interior in general like you did for the exterior on lap 1
  5. Lap 5, interior check. Go door by door start inspecting the roof, down the pillars, the seat, floor, and immediate other interior bits in the area. Make sure you look at the door cards and glass. Also move the seats up and down, front and back. Fold seats down to check operation etc. Check door seals to, make sure they aren't tucked in under a trim piece in a section, common on the roof to door area. I shut doors as I complete.
  6. Lap 6, go review anything you made note of to see if you either would reject delivery or accept but would like addressed, or you can live with. Share your findings with the DC to see what they say. Sometimes they can fix on the spot, the little scuff and tucked seal on the roof inside for my car, or they can't and they suggest an appointment.
  7. Sign paperwork, accept delivery on the website, etc! Go play with the infotainment system as it will have reset and be more accessible.
  8. Enjoy your first drive!!!
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Active Member
Oct 2, 2020
Unfortunately walking around the vehicle won't let you see if there is any damage to the interior: Check the interior for any damage to the seats, head rests and the steering wheel. Also check for stains and fingerprints on the headliner. Check the interior panels for damage (scratches) especially the panels covering the B pillars. Check the the second row seat (passenger side) to see if the top of the seat back is even with the middle and driver side. (It usually isn't.) Don't leave without photographing, documenting any interior damage. Tesla does not have a good history of honoring warranty claims for things like damage to the steering wheel cover or the seating and head rests once you drive away. (It is too easy for these surfaces to be damaged while loading/unloading the vehicle and then it becomes a finger pointing exercise as to whether the damage was there when the vehicle was delivered.)
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Model Y Long Range | Delivered 9/26/21
Aug 3, 2021
San Diego, CA
Can confirm on the fantastic usage of the Tesla Prep page / app. Did everything on my phone during delivery. Highly recommended.

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