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New tyres needed, where to go (outer east Melb)


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Nov 12, 2018
Hi All,

I need some new tyres for my Model-S, last time I had a puncture repaired (Bob Jane) I asked them to check the alignment as well. Not sure if they didn't really want to know about it but they said they rang Tesla and they said they need a special tool....I call BS but I don't know from which end of the phone.:rolleyes:

Anyway that's fine they didn't want to know about it, but has anyone in the outer east taken an S or X to a tyre place that has been able to correctly align the steering after fitting the tyres? Yes Tesla service could be a last resort but I don't want to pay another $500+ just to go through them. Thanks.
Odd, which Bob Jane was it? The Doncaster Bob Jane is famous amongst Melbourne Tesla owners for knowing the cars and fitting suitable tyres and aligning etc. I had mine done there without any issues (21 inch on P100D) and saved over a grand compared to buying from Tesla directly. They're also aware of the T certified tyres that theoretically are required to keep your warranty valid (I don't believe anyone's ever had a warranty voided from using non T certified tyres but it's only a small mark up.) That said, the range of tyres currently available is really very slim thanks to the international delivery channels being choked.