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New UK Model 3

Have had my model 3 ( standard apart from the wheels) for 3 weeks. Its defintely the best car I have ever driven, in fact I have sold my Aston Martin DB7 as I know I wont want to drive it anyore. We all know what the good points about the car but I am surprised by what is missing.
1. The most important thing in the UK is the missing speed camera warnings in the navigation system. In the UK we get three points and a fine of £100.00 for doing 32 miles an hour in a 30 zone. I have 9 points so one more time when Im not completely concetrating and my licence is gone. I have had to buy a TomTom Navigation system and stick it to the inside of the windscreen. It looks rediculous when people look in.
2. My sons 2 year old renault Captur can read out his text messages to him and it has the speed cameras installed in the navigation system.
3. There are three modes for the weight of the steering wheel but there should be an Auto as well. My 1984 Toyota Supra had a system where the steering got heavier, the faster you went..
4. What a load of messing about with viewing Sentry Mode. Yes I have an adapter so the USB drive will plug into my Android phone and I have downloaded the App teslaCan/Sentry Review but seriously why cant we see it on our Tesla Screen.
5. Was told by Tesla UK that the charger provided with the car would only charge at 4-5 miles an hour so I bought the big one. Now found that the small charger charges at 11 miles an hour so havent bothered having the big one installed as yet.
the car came with Software version 9 so I was very excited when a new sofware update was ready to download. I thought I was getting the much talked about V10 but no. Just an update for me to chose the Norwegeon Language, something about new wheels and mods to the updater its self.
I am sure that most of the above are coming but I have heard no talk about a UK speed camera update.
I also have a renault van 9 3 Years old) and when the navigation is switched on and you are approacing a camera(Sometimes hidden) a warning is given. If you dont then slow down below the speed limit, it goes into " Frantic Mode" or it woul if it were a Tesla as it is it just screems at you.
Does anyone know how to screem at Elon to get the camers in to UK vehicles. I dont "tweet"
If you're at the point of one more speed ticket and losing your license, maybe it's time to set cruise control and stop speeding until things get under control again. Seems like a huge risk to speed even with navigation that tells you where the cameras are.

However, with that being said, I think the best option is if we can get waze on the screen (better than the current hack which I don't like and don't use). Waze is great not only for speed cameras, it will also tell you where users submitted other warnings like speed traps, objects on road, etc.
you get 11 miles an hour with the small charger? Wow, I get 5 and I know a lot of other people also get around 4-5 as well.

Ditto... when I first owned the M3, I (mistakenly) thought I could get by with the 110v charge system. I averaged 4 to 5/hr. This lasted about a week until I had an electrician install a 14-50 outlet in my garage. I drive ~70 miles r/t, so charging at 3-5/mpr (if you could sustain a full 5) would take >14 hours (at 3 it takes 23 hours) to charge and I'm not home that long except on a weekend, so it leaves me in a deficit within a few of days and forces me back to my ICE backup. At 30mph, it only take a couple of hours to fully charge my M3 to 90%.