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New Wheels and Rims

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don't buy a 5k lb car and you won't go through tires quickly lol. smaller dia wheels will have (typically) less expensive tires but the will wear the same all things considered. your biggest enemy will be the treadwear. softer will wear faster than harder
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Depends on your driving style and what you consider to be "constant" replacement. Many people feel the 21" tires are only good for about 10-15k miles before needing replacement.

My car has 19" tires on it and I just had the fronts replaced at 35k miles (measured 2/32 by Tesla). The rears are still okay measuring 5/32 so I only did the fronts for now. Note that where I live it's mostly highway driving.
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Not sure if rims/wheels specifically are the root of the problem, but maybe the tires that are available for our size wheels (21's), which are performance oriented, softer compound to grip better, but sacrifices longevity.

Might want to step down to the factory 19's and buy some less performance oriented tires, harder rubber, typically lasts longer. I think the slip streams look nice in 19's.

Also, alignment plays a huge role.
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