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New York Auto Show - will/can owners help?

Tesla is up for a fight in New York as dealers start misinformation campaign ahead of new expansion bill

New York LIMITS Tesla sales in New York State.

I challenge Tesla owners going to New York Auto Show to take their cars to the Auto Show.
Perhaps video interviews of those that want to see the Tesla, ask about sales restrictions. You get the idea.
Have fun. You may meet some interesting people.

Sorry, show ended April 8th. My bad, should have checked first.

Perhaps you talked with people at the show and want to share stories or video clips?
Just FYI, the NYAS isn't a show open to the public to bring their cars to show, it's for automakers to show off their new and concept cars, etc. If anyone were to bring their car to the show, it would only be to parking lot.
I assumed that would be the case. I have no idea what the parking lots might look like. Here in the West they are large open fields.
In big cities, I expect many are underground parking structures and may well NOT be suited to "showing off your ride".

thanks for your reply.

I'm a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. (his personal life was, let us say complex)