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New York E-ZPass Exterior Transponder not being read--anyone else?

I've reconciled myself to having an ugly black NY E-ZPass external tag on my P85D (made before the new cut out in the infrared windshield) but even having the tag properly mounted (screwed in with top license plate screws and arrows pointed up), my tag will not read at the Throgs Neck Bridge. I'm on my second new transponder and it just does not get read. Once the kindly PBA officer comes over with the handheld scanner, the tag scans fine, but the automatic sensors just don't pick the transponder signal up.

I'm really getting frustrated with this problem. A view undoubtedly shared by the people behind me in the EZ Pass lane.

Has anybody else had and solved this problem?
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I put my regular NY transponder upside down and just right of the center thing and it seems to work fine. Oddly upside down works better than right side up. This on a Dec 2014 build.

if you look in the Texas subsection, the newer windshields allow the various toll tags to work thru the windshield

As I said, I have the older windshield which does not have the cut-out in the metalized coating for transponders. I also have a light Opti-Coat tint on my front windshield for heat rejection that both blocks any transponder signal and also doesn't take kindly to having a heavy adhesive applied to it.
I've been over that bridge before and not had a problem with our external tag. Would surprise me if it had anything to do with the car since its outside and there isn't much going on in the front of a Tesla.

Have you tried any other lanes?
EZPass Hit or Miss Reading

I drive all over the Northeast. For example I daily use I-78 to NJTP over to Holland Tunnel. I have a 2015 70D, 2 months old. Yesterday I held the EZPass up to right of rear view mirror. It read at the NJTP entry and exit, stated "Toll Unpaid" at the PANYNJ Holland Tunnel toll which was even slower pass through, maybe 5 MPH, then it read fine at the MBTA Queens Midtown Tunnel. It seems to be hit/miss more on the toll collector/agency equipment than simply a Tesla windshield issue.

I also would rather have an inside EZPass that was a Green Pass type but they don't issue them.

I also used the HOV lanes on the LIE Monday. I used the Syosset supercharger and saw a beautiful MS with a green pass decal on the lower front. It seemed sacrilege! Is that decal a requirement for using HOV/Green Pass lanes or do Nassau & Suffolk police know Tesla's are fine?
I'm having the same problem. I tried everything and nothing provides a 100% working solution.
I've had the regular e-z pass transponder through the windshield, and that does not work reliably (I would say 20% of the time)
I've tried the green one through the windshield, that worked 30-40% of times, and only if driving very very slowly, I mean <2mph.
I've tried the license plate mounted one, and with that I've had the worst luck. It never worked... I suspect it was not setup correctly with my account.

Now I'm back to the green tag held out of the window while I drive through the gate. I've had a considerable success rate (>90%) however I can not imagine doing it in the winter... even if my wife made me realize that if I go back to the ticket and paying cash I have to roll down the window anyway...

Most of the times I went through the gate without being properly read I have been hit with the maximum toll. I've to admit that the guys at E-Z pass have been speedy giving me a credit (once you call them and let them know about it) but they give you a credit not a refund. My Ez Pass credit is now $137.58 it's going to take me a couple of years to use that credit... Only way to get the money back is to close the account, but I don't want to do that.

Model S April 2015
I have a Q4 2015 built car with no dots - just a solid black area to the right of the rear view mirror. The attached mounting works well for me - other places didn't work. It's turned 90 degrees as there was another thread where someone disassembled their transponder and saw that the antenna is in the top right - so this placement maximizes the area of the antenna under the black area.
Had the same problem when picked up the car. Called service center in Devon, PA. Advised an exterior EZpass mounted behind the nosecone (Don't need front plates in PA). Picked up the unit and took to the service center to have mounted. Since this was done it has read at every Ezpass gate encountered. Traveled through PA, NY. NJ and NH.