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New York State Rebate

Hey, if you live in NY State and have taken delivery on a Model 3, can you share your experience with the NY Rebate?

I received an invitation to configure last week and eagerly started the process, but when I got to the pricing summary it was only showing a $500 rebate. According to the NYSERDA EV rebate website, an EV that gets more than 114 miles of range and costs less than $60K is eligible for a $2,000 rebate.

I've emailed Tesla twice (no response -- what's up with that?), tried calling and got a recorded message saying they can't take my call right now, please call another time (what's up with that?) and this past weekend went to the showroom in Manhattan where I got 3 different answers to my question (what's up with that?). Finally the sales guy said he and his manager would check in with HQ and get back to me Monday. It's now past midnight early Weds morning and still no definitive answer.

Hey Tesla, customer service?

Anyway, I'm eager to place the order so I can get the car before my birthday in mid-June, so would appreciate any wisdom NY State owners of the M3 could share.

Thanks for the quick response. I searched the forums for a while to see if anyone had answered this before starting a new thread, but didn't find anything.

Is that your personal experience, or if not can you point me to the thread where someone reported that's what happened to them?

I ask because the NYSERDA website says the it's a POS (point of sale) rebate and my impression is that the "sale" is made online rather than upon delivery. I'd be very happy to be told that I'm wrong about that and someone has actually received the $2K rebate after seeing $500 on the website.

Many thanks!
Can confirm. Got 2k off at POS. Lowered tax basis too so it's really worth ~2160


I also finally got an answer from an associate store manager at the NYC store:

Your Model 3 does indeed qualify for the $2000 NY State Drive Clean Rebate. Once your final Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement is drafted by our contracts team, 1 to 2 weeks prior to delivery. We have certainly had Model 3’s delivered in NYS that have qualified and received the rebate.

I wrote him back suggesting he get the mothership to correct the way the website displays NYS rebates.
It took me a while to find and I think there might be another thread as well.

New York Rebate

I don't know from personal experience but I wouldn't be worried. The rebate is administered by the state and if you pickup in NY, Tesla should be familiar with it already.

Hi, I see that the New York State rebate is for cars less than $60,000 MSRP, how will this play out if the car is configured with options and comes out to be $63,000?
Hi, I see that the New York State rebate is for cars less than $60,000 MSRP, how will this play out if the car is configured with options and comes out to be $63,000?

The post above yours answers the question. They look at the base MSRP. If they went with the $35k or even the $49k (LR + premium upgrades) as the base price, it should still qualify for the full NYS rebate.