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Newbie - 12 Months ownership review

3 miles / Kwh is around 333 wh/mile. That is terrible even for highway driving. I am hard pressed to go above 280 wh/mile on highway at 65 or above and usually I am below 250 wh/mile on slower speeds. 333 wh/mile is bad even for UK winters.

What tire size? and you need to learn to drive a bit gentle.
That’s on 20inch performance wheels. Aircon/heating is usually on. Motorway driving really affects this - sometimes down to 400wh/mile - especially if speed creeps above 80... short trips in winter can be as much as 500wh/mile. Gentle round town in summer can show as little as 200wh/mile. Gentle driving is hard when you can have so much fun!
You should follow this forum more I think! Most of us were jumping up and down with delight when this option came in! There's a setting (announced with the release notes) ... you can keep the original version of setting to speed limit or at current speed. It's in the Driving section I think ... you only change it once so can't remember without looking at the screen.
I’ve had a look and set my cruise to ‘current speed’ now. Many thanks for the information! I used to hate the old setting! Thats the value of a good forum!
I’ve had a look and set my cruise to ‘current speed’ now. Many thanks for the information! I used to hate the old setting! Thats the value of a good forum!

Though you now have it set to keep current speed when you switch to TACC you can choose the "old" behaviour by holding the stalk down for a second when selecting TACC if you do want it to accelerate up to the limit.
Late to this thread but that’s an excellent post @Hamstall and reflects many of my own thoughts. I’m approx 18 months into ownership of my LR AWD. So far, the positives hugely outweigh the negatives.

And I’ve learned that I can now change the TACC setting to set at current speed, I had no idea that had been updated. Not that I’ve been on any road trips in recent months that warrant the use of cruise control, but still, that’s one annoying negative removed!
Snap on a year in our M3 LR AWD FSD, now at 10,000 miles. Two flat tyres, a lost Aero cover and a jug of washer fluid were the extent of maintenance... not counting a bad tracking adjustment which we are still pursuing Discount Tyres to make good on (two fronts nearly to the wear bars at 8000 miles). One slight Destination Charger hiccup resolved by a reset.

Love bombed at the Barcelona Service Centre. Dartford SC was polite and efficient but the wrong place to get a new tyre (£285)

Kleber KrisAlp for winter on Borbet BLX. Worn original tyres replaced with Michelin Pilot 4s without the foam

We got PPF on the front and doors... so of course gently backed unprotected into a wall at a Destination charger restaurant. ChipX to the rescue ;)

We got the car for long hauls to Spain. 1000 miles, roughly, each way when routing through France. About £65 for SuperChargers each way taking advantage of Destination Chargers on overnight stops. Very comfortable ride. Managed 90pc the trips with Nav on Autopilot. I do wish that both the car and ABRP navigation wouldn't default to routing through Paris.

Only a dozen severe phantom brake incidents but more "flinches" . I suspect UK phantom braking frequency may be a result of the Cali coders not taking our RHD peculiarities into account. Driving on the other side in France and Spain is much less traumatic.
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How are you finding the falkens?

No Ill will here, but must confess I find it perplexing when people buy a performance vehicle and then want to find the cheapest tyres. Since I found out the efforts that Michelin and Pirelli go to when developing oem tyres for performance cars (like the M3P, and BMW’s I’ve had in the past) a few years ago, I’ve been a complete convert to just stumping up the money and enjoying the performance and handling of the car as it was designed to be.

I’ve had avons in the past and never found them horrendous, and liked that they are a U.K. brand, but have had falkens in the past too and it became immediately obvious why the price delta between them and Michelin / Pirelli is what it is. You gets whats you pays for blah blah.

I’d be interested to hear how you get on with them though, considering the weight and the frankly ridiculous twisting forces that these cars put down. 👍