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Newbie member - looking for advice for sourcing a few interior replacement parts

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Hi, I've just bought my first Tesla - a used 2018 Model S 100D and I love the whole Tesla new driver experience.

At the dealer, I discovered an issue with the rear left door speaker so they knocked some money off the price for a replacement. Upon further investigation, I find that the speaker has been removed! Additionally, the door card is clipped back onto the door only - the three securing bolts behind the interior latch and handle are missing, along with their plastic and rubber covers.

Of course, I'd like to replace all these items. I have used the online parts diagrams to figure out all the part numbers and I sent an email with these to my nearest Tesla service centre (Guildford) a few days ago, but I haven't had any response yet.

These are cheap, non-critical parts. Am I naïve to expect the Tesla service centre to respond and to help me source these? If so, what other options are available to UK Tesla drivers - is there a good, reliable website anyone can recommend to source them more quickly overseas?

Maybe I'd be better to look for a UK breaker's yard with a totalled Model S that I can strip? Any recommendations?

Experienced advice appreciated,
Don't know about UK, but in US, Tesla strives not to communicate with customers. You can open up a service ticket in the App, select Other, and state PARTS ONLY. List the parts and part numbers. They will provide an estimate and a date for you to pick them up. Sometimes even this does not work. Tesla really could use some help with their management resources. :)
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The app is the way to go, but I've also stopped into service multiple times and bought parts "off the self". Sometimes they are not in stock and they have always got the parts I needed within a week (often quicker). That said, I'm only 20 miles from the Fremont factory and we are in the densest area of Tesla ownership, so that may help speed up parts availability. For the UK, hopefully, you can get the parts you need. I always have the part numbers in hand, as the online documents are quite good.

I also sometimes look on eBay for parts. I'd say about 70% of the time, new parts from Tesla are cheaper than those being sourced on eBay (even with used parts). So don't trust eBay to offer great prices. Sometimes they do, but don't assume it's a good deal. Some people post items on eBay with the hope you don't find out the new price from Tesla!