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Newbie Q - Installing Update


Newbie here. I picked up my MX 100 red/cream 7 seater yesterday.

Freaking awesome! I found nothing wrong with it. I continue to have no issues whatsoever. Knock on wood.

I have the New MCU.

If I start the update, can I stop it halfway through if I have to leave?

If an update fails, will the car revert to old update? I will still be able to use the vehicle?

When it tells me the car will take 90 min to install, is it pretty accurate?


Hi Jcb,

The times for update are not accurate they are WAY overstated.
You cannot stop an update when it starts.
Get home park it and either tell it to update NOW or update at the scheduled time 1:30 AM.
Have dinner or a drink.
I have rarely seen one take over 30 minutes.
BUT I hear there have been VERY LONG ones... hours...

Just good practice not to try an update in the wild.

Good luck,

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2018.10.4 and 12 took me under an hour on a 2017 X (more like 40 minutes). But you never know. It is better to do it when you know you won't need the car for a while. And if you aren't the type to want to play with it immediately, you definitely can do it before going to bed, and your Tesla app will tell you when it's done.

It's also better to not be in the car, or near the car (keep the fob away from the car until it's done).

If it screws up, it has the original release to revert to, but nothing is 100% guaranteed.
Great! Thanks for the answers,. One more question...

I went out of town for a week. I turned off power to the car. I'm supposedly hooked up to wifi. I have 2 bars listed on my NAV screen when I'm connected, but I may buy one of those repeaters for the garage.

Since my car is "off," do you think I'll be getting any updates? I'm guessing no. I haven't received any notifications on my app. (Should I?)

(By the way, I did check the app after 4 days, I lost 8 miles of charge. Not too bad. Car is in Arizona, garaged, and weather is in 80's.)