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Picked up the M3 LR Blue with a tow pack last week. 900 miles on it already! my 4th electric car - a G-Wiz, two Nissan Leafs (still got one) and the M3.

A few things you might be able to help with;

1. First couple of days the car kept complaining that the left door pilalr camera was obscured. Thought i saw a small amoutn of condensation or a smudge inside the camera - can't see that now and the error message has gone. Is that common?

2. Once when I cliked the screen to open the charge port the passenger door window opened about 3cm. I had to close it manually - very odd?

3. Set the 'autofold at this location' for the mirrors when I put the car in my garage. Now when I get in and shift into Reverse I first have to manually extend the mirrors, but then when the car moves about 2m the mirrors re-fold themselves and I have to open them again manually. Surely the car knows not to fold the mirrors when in R or D?

4. Set up my mobile phone as a key. Works most of the time but is ot reliable. I need to carry the key card as the car sometimes does not unlock when I am standing next to it.

5. I live 200m up a track. The sat nav thinks this is a public road (it is not!) and the speed limit is 60mph. Couple of times I have accidentally activated the cruise control when it is raining - beacuse the windscreen wipers in my other car are a push down on the right hand stalk - a bit alarming as the car tries to accelerate to 60mph on a dirt track!

6. Windscreen washers are a bit pathetic!

Other than that - pretty nice overall.


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May 19, 2017
2. Any chance you bumped the door controls with your elbow? I do that a lot getting in and out of the car. They're very sensitive.
3. The purpose of this setting is to have the mirrors fold so you can squeeze into a tight parking space. So they will fold when you get close, and unfold when you leave.
4. Phone key seems to be mostly reliable now but some people still have issues. Make sure it's in a pocket close to the car - if I twist so my body is between the phone and the car it sometimes doesn't work. Anecdotally iPhones have more reliable bluetooth than Android, so that might be a solution. There are several settings in Android that people say make the phone key work better, maybe someone else can chime in if you have an Android phone.
5. You can try to fix the road on OSM (openstreetmap.org) which is used for smart summon, but more than likely its something that would need to be fixed in google maps.
6. Try holding down the button for a longer period. I've found mine clean really well.
2. I guess it is possible. Will watch for that.
3. More experimenting needed. I fold the mirrors so I can walk around the garage, but when in the car I like them out for reversing.
4. Yes Android phone. Will look out for any help on settings.
5. Will do. Thanks
6. Passenger side is quite good but the driver side is not so good - even with a long press.

Thansk for the reply.

Kevy Baby

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Aug 11, 2019
Brea, CA
A little more on the mirrors. It sounds like you have them set to Auto Fold Mirrors Based on Location (in this case, your home). If you disable that, it should go back to just folding in when the car is locked. This setting can be found in the settings in your car at Controls > Quick Controls > Mirrors

You can also manually fold/unfold the mirrors at the same setting (should you ever need to).

You can read more about it in the manual in your car by searching for "mirrors". It is also on page 53 of the European Model 3 online manual.

And for what it's worth, for the longest time I KNEW the car was occasionally, randomly lowering the windows on it's own. But I finally came to realize (begrudgingly) that I was hitting the controls on the driver's door.
1. First couple of days the car kept complaining that the left door pilalr camera was obscured. Thought i saw a small amoutn of condensation or a smudge inside the camera - can't see that now and the error message has gone. Is that common?

Mine had this issue in January and February when the weather was colder. Tesla SC told me the condensation was normal for this time of year and if I ran the heat and defroster it should clear in a few minutes because the camera area is not sealed. They also said it's not worth replacing them until there is a redesign...

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