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Next step to fix a door ding

Hey everyone!
Someone opened their car door too hard and dinged my car :(

Should I go to a local body shop to get it fixed or the Tesla body shop?

Anyone have previous experience with similar incidents and what they did?

On a side note... anyone have any similar experience with their trim above the wheel looking like mine in the pic? It’s the only one that has that white residue look. None of my other wheel trims have it.


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I have and sadly the residue returns after it dries up :(
Time to raise the bar. I would try some Windex on a clean cloth or paper towel. If this is a wax residue the ammonia in Windex will remove the wax. If an ammonia based cleaner such as Windex does not work then there are automotive trim restorer products. See Mother's Back to Black restorer. Also see Chemical Guys Car Wax and Oil Remover.