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No Cluster Screen

For those of you without a cluster display above the steering wheel, do you wish you had one?

  • Yes, I want one

  • No, I'm content without it

  • No, I prefer not having it

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Jun 16, 2021
I am interested in how people feel about not having a cluster screen. It seems like a big change. Is it easy to get used to? I'm thinking about ordering a Tesla Model Y, but I'm afraid I will miss having a cluster screen.
I don’t really miss it ……. But I think I would like it. Just a little easier to flick my eyes down rather than down-right.

I would want it to be real minimal, though. Just the visualization part of the display. No need to have other information invading that space.
The issue isn't not having a cluster screen. It is easy to get used to looking for the speedometer readout on the center screen. The issue is that Tesla has been reapportioning the layout of the center screen in favor of FSD. This leaves the driver of the Model Y, Model 3 squinting to see the important settings and information on the center screen: Shifter indicator (D, R, N, R, P), battery charge level or estimated range), Drive Mode (Standard/Sport or Chill.) The Speedometer readout is just large enough, could be larger. Some day Tesla may enable driver settings for customizing the center screen but until that day it can be a challenge to use the center screen.
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I was worried it would be an issue but within minutes of driving, it no longer was. I'm very much a "creature of habit" and have nearly 30 years of driving experience with vehicles which all had gauges above the steering wheel, so I thought it would be hard to form new habits. It totally wasn't. Your mileage may vary, but I'm betting you can get nearly there just from a simple half-hour test drive.
I think if I didn’t previously have a car with a (smaller, obviously) touchscreen in the center, it might be weird. That said, I’m so used to glancing over for my map/music/podcast/climate controls that it’s really not too weird to look there for everything else. I did an overnight test drive and it took about a half hour to stop habitually looking down to the steering wheel area at all.
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