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No Connectivity

Had "No Connectivity" today (so voice commands couldn't be processed). On a beautiful clear sky day. Moving didn't help. Rebooting the center screen via the steering wheel buttons fixed it - but it forgot my climate settings. It had temp set to 72 on both sides (I'd had both set to 70 before) and said it was running the rear window defroster and driver's side heat at 3. When it's 70+F outside. It didn't forget who I was, still had my name in the profile area, just forgot my settings apparently.
I have the same problem since day 1. From time to ti me more often then not I find it not connected and only a reboot to fix it. Tesla has been here twice trying to fix it but no luck yet.
I wonder if the LTE experience the same malice.
I think mine does say LTE above the bars. Have to double-check when I leave work.

FYI - When it had no connectivity all bars were gray. I've seen some other posts where people report there were 2-3 bars but still no connectivity, but that wasn't the case for me.
In the last 2.5 years, I have never experienced no connectivity until one of the more recent firmware updates maybe 6-9 months ago. Now, it happens all the time. A reboot will fix it right away, but if you wait long enough (10-20 minutes?), it'll also come back.