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No FSD beta on new X Plaid?

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I bought a new X Plaid a couple weeks ago. Traded in my 2019 Model 3 Performance with FSD. Transferred the FSD to the X. X shows I Have FSD, but after 2 weeks I still don’t have FSD Beta like I had on the 3? Anybody else have this issue? I was enjoying the beta, sucks to not have it on my new X…
I'm guessing you have HW4 which requires a very recent software update for FSD. See: 3-month FSD 'free' on new HW4 cars is useless
Thanks for the reply. This is indeed the case. The thread you pointed to though it looks like people started received 2023.32 yesterday which enables FSD Beta on HW4 cars, so hopefully I’ll have it in a couple of days. I actually really liked the beta in my 3. It could drive me from the movie theater all the way back to my house which is about 20 miles miles highway and local roads without intervention.
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