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No improvement in 44.25.6 driving

2018 Model 3, LR, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, 103K miles, 2021.44.25.6

I'm very disappointed in 25.6. I was hoping for significant improvements in driving performance unfortunately there is none and it may have introduced new ones.

I did the normal morning run and it took forever to do a right hand turn out of the side street in the development (no change from other releases). Rather than step on the accelerator I just let it do it’s thing and it took way way to long. Went up to the next corner to make a left at a T intersection onto a secondary double yellow line road. A mail delivery truck was approaching from the right some distance away. Car was taking forever to move up, now a car was approaching from the left, still inching along. Mail truck is nearly on us traveling at 40mph and the car finally decides to pull out. It cut off the mail delivery truck, I had to hit the accelerator to escape it. It had all the time in the world to pull out and didn’t do it until the truck was on top of us. Sad. I waited to see if it would break when the mail truck was this close and the other car closing in on the left, nope it didn’t instead it decided to go. Is the closing speed estimator that far off that it can’t actually determine speed of approaching vehicles?

All the slow downs that were there from previous release are still there. Some slows downs happend at a driveway, which looks just like all the others that it passed without incident, some slow downs there’s just nothing there. It didn’t try to stop at the stop sign on the left hand side of the road this time, but this is a tricky one, some days in previous releases it would and other days not.

A new problem is introduced, crosses the double yellow line for no reason, no cars, no bumps, holes, obstacles, nothing, just crosses the double yellow. It did correct itself after a short distance. That has never occurred in any of the AP or previous FSD Beta’s. A new slow down is now appearing, again there is no traffic or obstacles.

Conclusion, AP still has FSD Beta beat for secondary roads, no slow downs. Yes, you have to manually make the turns yourself but it runs much smoother and does not do warp speed acceleration after making a turn from a stop. FSD Beta takes way too long to execute a right or left turn from a stop. So not really seeing any advantage to 44.25.6 at this time. Let’s wait and see if there is any improvement in the next release. Still doesn't read signs. There are two stop here on Red signs that AP projects on the screen with the stopping line too, 25.6 does not.

I wish they would consider making the camera’s in the windshield able to pivot. I think that would help on seeing further to the left and right and helping with speed estimation. Those cameras are higher up and forward of even a driver leaning forward to look left and right. Seems like an easy solution.

I hope others are having better experiences with their 25.6. Be safe out there.
I have had a problem with FSD Beta crossing the center-line since October, when I got into the program. This is especially problematic on right-hand curves on winding roads. I haven't seen any improvements with any update. I have tagged the behavior and emailed the team several times, but nothing has changed. This type of behavior makes FSD unacceptably dangerous. But hey, we got light shows now, so there's that.
I was just admitted to the FSD program yesterday after about a 5-month wait, with my new model S plaid with FSD. I have version 44.25.6. I tried it today for the first time and, of course, was scared to death. One example: I executed a left turn off an expressway at the stop light with a left turn arrow. The cross street was a wide one with double yellow lines. The car entered the left turn lane of the expressway properly, automatically turned on the left turn signal, and stopped at the red light. When the signal turned green with a green left turn arrow, the car accelerated quickly (too quickly in my opinion), and I assumed it would turn left. Instead, it suddenly began to veer right and I immediately took over. It was pretty scary. I used FSD a bit longer after that, and observed more erratic behavior. I really don't think FSD beta is ready for prime time on city streets - except possibly for young, experienced and very alert drivers with lots of patience. You really are becoming a gratis Tesla test driver. Unless I can find a sweet spot for further experimentation, I think I'll wait a bit before continuing to be a Tesla guinea pig.
I just got FSD Beta also. It did two things that terrified me. The first was when entering a street from a parking lot, it accelerated to the speed limit instantly. I would never do that especially with bad weather conditions. It was right around freezing and there had been snow and rain all day, perfect conditions for icing. A human would be more cautious under these conditions but FSD seemed to be oblivious to the weather, the car knows the outside temperature and the camera should be able to see that the road was wet, if the camera isn't good enough to discern that then FSD will never work.
The other thing it did that was much more frightening is that the car doesn't detect lights until you are almost at the lights. There was a red light up ahead with a couple of cars stopped at the intersection. When I see a red light up ahead I start to slow down immediately, in fact the Tesla Safety score requires that you do that so that regen braking has time to slow the car, however FSD didn't slow the car at all, I was afraid that it would rear end the stopped cars. I hit the brake pedal and disengaged. I haven't tried it since. In a couple of weeks I might do a road trip through New Hampshire, that will be less challenging so I'll give it another try.
Let me quickly comment on the title. I moved to 10.8 from 10.4 and the improvements are huge for me. I can now actually let the FSD drive on our local neighborhood roads. Lane change decision algorithm seems to be improved too.
Agreed, I've been in since 10.3.1 or whatever it was and while the changes between the different versions were small, I can think back to how much worse it was back when I first got in beta and now. I don't understand some of these other posts, when it's behaving improperly you need to intervene early and hit the report button instead of letting it sit and do a left turn last minute, cutting off cars and stuff. That's borderline irresponsible, we're supposed to be training the neural net, not letting it do stupid predictably dangerous crap and complaining afterwards. You're just endangering your car and possibly your life with little benefit to anyone.
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Sep 5, 2009
Seattle, WA
2018 Model 3, LR, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, 103K miles, 2021.44.25.6

I'm very disappointed in 25.6. I was hoping for significant improvements in driving performance unfortunately there is none and it may have introduced new ones.
I guess I’m repeating myself but I think anyone expecting significant improvements in a point release is setting up for disappointment.

We can only expect gradual improvements. Compared to 10.1, Beta has definitely improved in many ways - but many other issues remain unresolved …
I guess I’m repeating myself but I think anyone expecting significant improvements in a point release is setting up for disappointment.

We can only expect gradual improvements. Compared to 10.1, Beta has definitely improved in many ways - but many other issues remain unresolved …
EVNow – you have a valid point. I guess because I make the same run I was hoping to see something improve. But in fairness it is mostly back roads 35 & 45 mph and I am just measuring against it. Out on the higher speed main roads I can’t say because I don’t make the same run every day to establish baseline against it. There are plenty of actions the beta does really well, that right hand turn off the main road on to secondary back road is really really nice, amazes me every time it takes it. I can’t wait until all turns are like this.

As I said before moving off of the radar made the phantom breaking disappear on the two hills it couldn’t see over and also the phantom braking at the one intersection on the northbound side that would and would not do it, ya never knew if it was going to do it. Those phantom braking all went away, but the Beta introduce the slow downs, not phantom braking level though. Those are what I see every day and with each release I make the run to see if any went away. The stop sign on left hand side for the adjacent road, it didn’t do it the other day, that’s a tough one because the other releases it would periodically do it, so more runs will be required to determine if it is gone for good.

There was a contributor and not sure if it was on here or reddit, I think he was Byshop or Bishop, he would make the same run every time a new release came out and note the differences with his video’s. It was very informative and you could see the improvements, non improvements and regressions and he would explain it. Not sure what became of him. Also Chuck Cook does an excellent one with a very challenging intersection and it is informative to watch release after release to see what if anything changed. Basically you need a baseline to make any valid assessment.

You are right I stand corrected, these are incremental updates, just because it didn’t address any of the issues with my run, does not mean there were not incremental improvements elsewhere. Thank you for pointing it out.

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