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No longer any ICE at home - experiences?

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Getting a bit scared now ... Next week my wife's Model S is ready for delivery, and her ICE Minivan is leaving, she does not know anything about it, will be big surprise. Bought her a Tesla handbag, a Tesla mug, a pair of gloves, and then she will also find the keys in the handbag .... She used to drive a Audi S6, and when our 3rd child arrived we swapped her car for a Minivan due to impossibility for three booster seats. She was missing two things most on the minivan, AWD and the heated steering wheel, and I promised to get her a Audi back when we do not need all the seats anymore. Well, I don't really keep my promise since it is now becoming a Tesla. Getting close to the surprise day, I'm starting asking questions myself. I have a Sig. Model S (will be swapped two weeks later) very happy and never missed anything, but since I'm an engineer and long time Tesla fan I'm getting worried if someone who is not as addicted like my wife is coming along with the Tesla. Our house will be completely ICE free, is anybody else here who has some downsides, issues things I have not thought about it?
There are other threads here at TMC about couples that have sold all of their IC engine cars (some also their lawnmowers, weed-wackers, etc.) and went purely electric. They have been successful, some for several years already.

With Tesla's extensive, and growing, European Supercharger network (and home charging) you should be fine. That is, as long as your wife does not have a fit about all of the money you are spending, LOL. :biggrin:

Good Luck,

I think it would be more challenging to be an all-ICE household than all EV! What a fantastic surprise, and I love how you're going to present it. As a woman,, I think you got this right.
I have been driving electric for almost four years now (Leaf & Tesla). With the range on the Tesla for daily driving there never has been a need for an ICE. There have been a few trips where I would not want to take the Tesla (traveling in Mexico) or was going off the Supercharger network, that we would take my girlfriends car. I the future when she has an EV, then in those times we needed the flexibility of an ICE, I would rent one.

necho what a wonderful surprise for your wife. Enjoy.
Have two Teslas and no ICE, no downsides, but your post did not mention what your wife thinks of your S. I assume she feels favorably about it or you would not have the confidence to surprise her with her own S. You only say she is not "addicted" to Teslas like you are. But has she ever expressed to you that she would like to have one as her car? Does she drive yours on occasion?
Thanks for all the encouraging replies, look very much forward. She did drive my Tesla from time to time, but always with me next to her and she never plugged in any charger, rebooted the screen or anything like that ... was trying to think how much a person with no technical background is managing that.

Yeah, I told my sales guy to loose my number for some years otherwise it would not be healthy for our financials, he already convinced me to replace my Sig. red P85+ with a P85D (titanium) and I thought it would be not nice not to get a P85D for her as well (pearl white, but no spoiler, guess she will be in sport mode only anyway).

I had to inform my mother-in-law already since she has to take care of the kids this day, she fell off her face, but that was the same with her when my wife was first time pregnant ... so I'm already used to that :rolleyes:

Sorry, will search the forum for this topic ...
...since I'm an engineer and long time Tesla fan I'm getting worried if someone who is not as addicted like my wife is coming along with the Tesla?
I see what you mean... I tend to be very tolerant when strange things happen with my car. Like yesterday the touchscreen didn't feel my touch any more, and the display said I should check with a Tesla Service Center. I just rebooted and it worked fine again. But how would someone with a lesser passion in electric cars react? Panic? "That's inacceptable!"? "If this simple thing doesn't work, what with the important stuff?" I don't know. But if she gained trust in the car through your ownership, everything should be fine. There is a high chance she'll love it :) Let us know!
Mostly it's a case of "good riddance to bad rubbish". Once a person drives a fully electric car for awhile--especially if it's a Tesla, it's very hard to go back.
I hope to have an all electric garage at some point, my wife is not that mechanical and leaves all that stuff to me. But she does like cars and although I was not sure how she would accept the Tesla she now prefers to drive it rather than her ICE SUV. I think she drives the Model S more than I do, so looking forward to the Model X and selling the 2 ICE cars. My only reservation is that I have always had a truck for yard work etc, so hope I can tow a small trailer with the X and be able to get rid of the truck.
We have been a one-car family for 5 years, the last year was with a Model S. At the end of 2014 we purchased a business and knew that we would need to purchase a second car for the business. A Model S would have been way too much for this venture so we were looking for something smaller and as green as possible. My wife, who originally was not a Tesla proponent, refused to even consider anything that burned dino juice. :) So, we leased a Leaf for 3 years with the goal of ending that lease and purchasing a Model 3 for the business.

No regrets...if we ever wanted to go somewhere remote that didn't have a way to juice up we would rent something, but to date that has not been an issue. In fact, it's getting to be even less of an issue with more and more charging spots (supercharger, destination chargers, even J1772 places) being available each day.
When our Roadster arrived in 2009, we sold our last gas car so my wife and I have been all-electric since then. (The other car was a RAV4-EV until our Model S arrived in 2012).

Charging infrastructure was pretty sparse at first so some trips involved some planning and waiting. Only once during those years did we have to resort to using a gas car; we borrowed my son's PHEV Prius for that trip. Now that we have a CHAdeMO adapter, we could take that trip with the Model S.

Between the CHAdeMOs and Superchargers I really think we can get anywhere we want to go right now. Sure if we had a need to get to, say, Salt Lake City next week we might be in trouble (though we should be OK if we don't need to go there until December).

No regrets, and no plans to ever buy a gas car again.
Good luck. EV only for 4 years now and love it. While it won't work for everyone it sounds like you have thought it out so can't wait to hear how it all goes.

Did you not think she would want a Model X more? Just curious.
I held onto my ICE for about six months. Only driving once per week to keep it healthy. I mainly kept it for transporting my dogs. But a friend begged me to sell my ICE, so I did. I have never had a range issue at all. I can charge at home and there are enough superchargers on my longer routes to make it work well. Plus California has a milion Level 2 chargers (slow, but they do work). I finally got over the emotional block of putting two lunatic dogs in my 135KUSD car. But I got over it and they didn't destroy it. Though I did wrap the entire interior in blankets, etc!

So at least from a charging POV where I live, I have no issues at all and do not miss my ICE in the very least.
We will be ICE free in 2 weeks or so...can't wait. I took my wife's Lexus LS460 to get gas ($50) and I will not miss the experience. As CHHG-ON notes, the SF Bay Area is very EV friendly with lots of charging infrastructure. That plus our 16kW solar system makes it painless.
We have been EV-only for about 6 months now - we currently have an 85D and a 60. Before I got my 60, I had been driving a Nissan Leaf for about 2 years. My husband had an Audi Allroad that he got rid of for his 85D in December. We have not once missed having an ICE in the garage!!
I retired a year and a half ago. We have had a Prius in the garage for about ten years, but after the Model S came, no one wanted to drive it at all. No comparison.

There was some concern of being able to get where we wanted to go if we kept only one car, but six months ago we sold the Prius. We just go together wherever we want. We've put about 75,000 miles on the Model S and are GLAD it's our only car. Absolutely love it. Wifey would have liked a Roadster back when, but I don't fit at all, so we had to wait 4 years to get the Tesla, and it is just wonderful -- still.

I never want to go back to any kind of fossil fuel car. Everything we get now is battery powered, and we have lots of solar.