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No MYP to test drive in CO

I showed up at the dealer to drive a MYP. Upon arrival, I was informed that they didn’t have one in stock. I was then told, that there aren’t any in the state of Colorado.

I’m a bit pissed, as I took the morning off. I’m more disappointed. I was going to order a LR or P today. I understand things happen, but they sure seem to happen when dealing with Tesla a lot. I’m beginning to question whether I have the capacity to turn a blind eye to Tesla’s glaring issues with quality and customer service.
Yep their scheduling system is a farce. I had an appointment once and had to wait 2.5hr for a car to free up for a 10min test ride. I complained to my SA about how the system doesn't seem to work he immediately blamed the customers for "taking too long of a drive". Was complete BS.

Also the "Touchless Test Drive" is just theater as far as I can tell. Not only was it not "touchless", as soon as the car pulled back up and the driver got out the next person got in and took off.
These gaffes will continue well into ownership. If you don't have the patience to deal with it walk away now. I'm a stickler for strong customer service, accuracy, completeness and have an incredibly low tolerance for tomfoolery. There have been several frustrating moments during my short tenure of ownership but I knew this going in. Truth is, I don't believe Tesla is truly ready for primetime relative to more established auto manufacturers. Anyhow, you've been warned. Proceed accordingly.:)
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