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Non owners waiting. Post when and where you RSVP. And try to guess your future VIN.

Post when and where you RSVP. Then guess what Vin you'll get. See if you are close!

I rsvped on 3/31/16 in Burlingame. Line was pretty long and it was about 1pm when I could make my deposit. I have March - May window.

I'm guessing I'll get VIN18550.
Waited in line at Sunnyvale, CA store. Made the reservation about Noon 3/31/2016. Would accept VIN12345

Originally it showed Nov 2017 delivery estimate but that has been slipped forward multiple times (usually right as the window is expiring) Currently it says Mar-May. It feels like they are stringing us along just moving the delivery estimator over and over. “just kidding” “fooled you!” “you believed us?”
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I waited overnight to be the 3rd through the door and got my reservation through at 10:03AM PST on 3/31/16 in California. I'm a non-owner and was invited to configure on 2/22/18. I configured this last Monday on 3/5/18. I was originally intending to wait for the performance version but it looks like another year off and my Leaf only goes 55 miles now. I went ahead with the Model 3 to avoid ever buying a dino juice sucker again. Also I just couldn't wait anymore!!!

I'm guessing I'll be VIN 10,000 and something.