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Nordic Brakes System for Model S

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Was browsing one of many blogs on Model S and Tesla that I follow, this chap from Norway has been upgraded to a special Nordic Brakes System free of charge...
"Tesla Motors had developed a special cold climate braking system (also called Nordic brakes system), which is needed in Norway of course, and they are upgrading it for free.

What is this cold climate braking system? As stated on the repair order from the service center,"Retrofit 2nd Generation Front Dust Shields - Install Front Rotors, Install Rear Rotors, Install Front And Rear HP1000-T Brake Pads".

Anyone heard of this before? A search here brought nothing up...
Might be useful over here in Finland too!!!

Many Norwegian owners experienced significantly reduced or even temporary loss of braking performance in cold and wet conditions.
This is an attempt of fixing that issue with softer brake compound and better shielding from road spray.
Should definitely apply in Finland too.