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Normal for coolant tank to be boiling?

Sorry to be posting so much - I am trying to search for everything before starting a new thread! Couldn't find the answer to this one. The car hasn't been driven in 24 hours, is at 100 miles of range, and in a cool garage. I pop the trunk and the coolant is bubbling or boiling. Is that a concern? I've noticed it every time I open the trunk, whether I've used the car or not.
This is perfectly normal.

The coolant pump will run (touch the reservoir and you will know it is not boiling, just circulating) for about five minutes every time the car wakes up. Opening a door, or the trunk, or even simply unlocking (among others) will wake the car.

If the battery temp is above 31 degrees Celsius, the pump will run continuously until the temperature is reduced.

Since you have yours in a cool garage, expect to hear the pump running any time you do anything with the car, and to stop in about five minutes.