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Not a Tesla - But Dash Cam FTW

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Unfortunately there's always people who have a violent response to to anything that negatively touches them. In the case of the video it looks as though the Aston is partially blocking the sidewalk; that doesn't justify anything like criminal damage but it's an interesting facet of human nature that even a few TMC members have made suggestions to vandalize a vehicle that ICE'd a charging station.

Here's wishing for a gentler, kinder world.
Maybe not vandalize, but does draining their gas tanks count? ;) Hypothetically of course.

Petty larceny and a spell in the county jail? You could drain the tank and leave it for the owner in a gas canister I suppose, but he'll put it back faster than you could drain it and you've donated a gas canister to him.

In my experience, benefit of the doubt and a polite note will go down much better.