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Now We’re Really an All Tesla Family!

We’re all about Tesla too. Switched our solar system on yesterday. Is there a learning curb? You betcha. Am I envisioning driving a cyber truck? You betcha.
I like you train of thought...
Couldn’t have said it better, however we a picture is worth a thousand words...;)
We have a 2017 S and 2018 X - and have 4 PowerWalls.

And just got rid of our last gasoline-powered device - using electric mower, trimmer and pressure washer...

I still have a gas powered chain saw and Honda Generator. But have an electric chain saw and PWs now so hoping to get rid the last remaining gas tools soon.
We are all Tesla also. See signature.

Now if we could get an inspection on the SG roof and Powerwalls, and then POE from PG&E we could use it all together.
We had an exercise in patience with Duke Energy to the tune of ~ 3 months, but it’s all good now. I have to admit it’s quite satisfying to monitor our energy use etc., between the solar panels, power walls, & the “grid.”
Very cool to be joining the ranks of Tesla Energy people. I just got my design for SolarGlass V3 completed and we’re at the permitting stage. I’m pairing that up with 3 PWs. I can’t wait. With 2 Super73 electric bikes, 1 Boosted Board electric skateboard, snow joe battery powered snow blower and a myriad of Ryobi battery-powered tools and garden tools in our household, I’m saying bye to oil dependency. :)