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NYC wheel/tire discussion and shops

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I think I’m heading towards getting 19” wheels with 245/40/19s. Already bubbled one of the 235/35/20 pirelli today (had car 6 days...) and I need all seasons before winter anyways.

With my M3P I’m wondering the following:

1) Is the change from 3.2” to 3.9” sidewall going to make that big of a difference? I went from 35->40 sidewall on my last car, but only for 5k miles... that said, I did not bubble or flat those 40 profiles where I had issues with the 35 profiles 4-5x.

2) If I do this, I’m taking the BluetoothTPMS out of my 20s, that should just be an easy swap into the aftermarket rims, correct? (The new rims say they are Tpms compatible)

3) Where to get the install done here in NYC? Tesla won’t do aftermarket anything. Once I do this, I’m on my own for rotation/alignment/tire changes. I’m fine with this, but hear rumors some shops won’t touch teslas... where do you aftermarket rim guys get your work done in NYC/Long Island (I’m in queens near Nassau border of that helps)

Thanks in advance.