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Observations after 5000kms Australia and New Zealand

Got to the 5000 kilometre mark today, still loving every bit of this car, here's a few observations:
for a fairly big vehicle it's generally easy to park.
The various controls are very easy to use.
I expected the touchscreen to be a distraction, it's certainly not.
I have no idea what range anxiety is, it's a non-event.
charging the vehicle is so simple it's ridiculous.
I now have got to the stage that taking my ICE car to the fuel station is worse than going to the dentist, and sitting behind some inconsiderate at the bowser while they check phone messages before driving off is even harder to take.
looking forward to the next 995 000 kms.


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Geez how did you manage to get down to 188 Wh/km in a P85D? I'm still at around 260 Wh/km…

It's Goldilocks weather here at the moment, hardly used the heating or aircon, it's generally flat terrain unless we go 20kms inland, the car never goes over 115kph because Western Australia has more cameras than a Hollywood Red carpet event and lastly I think I have the regen braking nailed to a tee.
It's going to be interesting to see the energy consumption during the West Coast summer.