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Observations after owning for 2 days

just took delivery of an AWD
Sept 2019 build

Car is incredible, better than I expected in most every way.

Really no issues with the car. All gaps seemed fine to me. Found 1 small half a fingernail size area with no paint near the front fender. Had that noted for future touch up but did not bother me.

Inside rubber Seals on the doors seem a little sloppy but think frameless doors are just like that as I compared some of the other cars in the lot and they looked the same or worse in those areas.

All functions seem to be working perfectly.

Pickup was a bit disorganized, started out good but the advisor assigned went to get the plates for my car after I inspected it and never returned
Guess he had another delivery to tend to
Anyway after about 40 minutes of flux it was sorted and I was on my way.

I am supposed to get 2 free years supercharging but see no note of that on my account or car. App shows 2000 free miles. If that does not get sorted I would be a bit upset but still trust it will.

Been to a supercharger twice already. Once to top off at pickup (car only had half battery) and once today near my house. Waiting to get a wall connector installed at home hopefully will be just a few more days.
Waiting on the electrician.
Didn’t even bother trickle charging in the meantime as their is a supercharger 5 min from my house that never seems to be full.

Supercharging is easier than I expected

Car handles amazingly and is a joy to drive.
Can take corners at great speed with ease, have to tell myself to take it easy just for tire life consideration not safety.
AP and auto steer (I do not have FSD) is incredible, really going to improve my highway commute.

I like it so much that if FSD further improves I could see myself springing for it in the next calendar year. Right now the feature set seems too lacking for the cost.

Punching the accelerator entering a highway is ridiculously fun. Minor regret I did not hold out for a white stealth p3d- to appear but wanted to get the state rebate which ends this month. Car really is fast enough, any faster would likely just result in tickets.

Seats are super comfortable and love the adjustment ability.
Couple of great features I enjoy are having the mirrors auto fold when I am at home and the easy access to raise the steering wheel when I am exiting/entering.

The backup camera is great and love how it and the forward and side monitors give me a distance of how much space I have.
The constant beeps are quite annoying especially when pulling into my garage.

I am amazed how the lack of a speedometer straight ahead does not bother me. Very easy to see speed and I already feel I know how to control most everything from the main screen.
The control wheels on the steering wheel are the best I have ever used.

When driving I love how it shows me cars to the front and sides but does a poor job of picking up cars to left and right that are just behind me in my blind spots. The car does have some limited sight lines and if the monitor picked them up better that wouldn’t be an issue at all.
Is cool you can turn on the rear backup cam at any point when driving and is good for checking the blind spots but not super convenient in practice.
The front windshield view is so clear and spacious of course.
Car feels a little dark inside driving at night especially on the upper dash.

The aero wheels I have never liked but in person they bother me less than in photos
I still plan on removing the hubcaps, hopefully tomorrow my kit from Tesla arrives I will do so.

Navigation maps are great
The tech in this car feels light years ahead of any car I have driven. Love all of it

Phone key is the ultimate convenience.
Door opening from outside and inside are much better than I feared.

Even the slacker radio talked poorly about by so many, I love it! Maybe not as good a sound as other sources but the fidelity is still better than what I am used to in a car and for someone used to fm or my own playlists it is great and free (at least for now)

The arcade games and toy box are a bit of letdown (online reviews make them sound more enjoyable than they are) but I did not buy the car for those features and look forward to YouTube with v10 to pass the time when supercharging.

Walking away I still check the app to see if the car locks as it seems to take awhile and I get nervous so need to get used to that over time I guess.

One issue I have is at home (I have the car set for no sentry mode at home and work) the climate does not turn off
It does elsewhere but at home I need to go to the app and turn it off
Ran the ac by accident for a few hours the first day due to this

Other concern/issue: in my garage I cannot pickup from the car my home WiFi signal
From my phone I can so a little worried it may be an issue with the WiFi in the car. It gets LTE in my garage is that enough for updates or anything else I need WiFi for. No WiFi at my work outside either so not sure a solution if needed.

Overall I think I did a little too much pre research about the car as some of the stuff I thought would be an issue are not for me and some of the accessories I got in anticipation or thought I would be getting I really don’t need.

Still cannot believe I no longer have to go to a gas station, I was filling up twice per week!
Any day now I will have a gas pump basically in my garage and wake up with a full tank daily!

Luxurious, high tech, sporty and practical all in one.
Anyone on the fence, buy this car it is amazing!!!
For the wifi in your garage, try connecting to the 2.4 ghz network instead of the 5 ghz if you have a dual band router. You will want the car to be able to get wifi to get updates. with the latest firmwares you get a notice that the car wants to download an update, and to connect to wifi to do so (if the car is not connected).

you could consider a wifi extender for your garage (or someplace close to it in your house) as well.

Congrats on your new model 3 :)
Other concern/issue: in my garage I cannot pickup from the car my home WiFi signal
From my phone I can so a little worried it may be an issue with the WiFi in the car. It gets LTE in my garage is that enough for updates or anything else I need WiFi for. No WiFi at my work outside either so not sure a solution if needed.
you could consider a wifi extender for your garage (or someplace close to it in your house) as well.
Tesla only sends out what it considers to be "critical" updates over LTE, so you will want to solve the WiFi issue. @jjrandorin 's idea of a WiFi extender is what I went with. Not only did it solve my car's WiFi issue, it also solved a dead spot in my family room. :)

If you do go the extender route, it pays to spend an hour or so researching them first. They are available in a very wide price range, with some of the cheaper ones coming out pretty good in the reviews. I ended up going whole hog on an expensive and fast one, though, as we have gigabit internet here, so I wanted the best speed I could get. YMMV, of course.

Congratulations on your new car! :D
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Thanks everyone. Yes, I think I will need to look into a wifi extender.
I am not very delighted about that is I get wifi throughout my house and really don't want to extend the signal out further past the interior.

I did just get an Arlo camera system though and may find a need the extender to get that to work as intended as well.
That has been still in the box for a couple of weeks.

Yes, I have a Sept build so lucky to get no floor mat in Frunk and the lovely pedestrian speaker.
The forward one I cannot hear inside the car, the reverse is ridiculous.
Hoping they offer some sound options or something.

My home wall connector is half installed so looking forward to that.
Likely need another supercharger visit this evening to keep me going until that is complete.

Installed the Aero Wheel Kit (super easy) and the Tesla Wireless Pad (also easy). I got both from the Tesla store and they shipped within 24 hours of purchase FedEx Ground from CA.

Sales rep says everything on their end has been entered for my car to have 2 free years supercharging, may take a week to see it reflected on my account though. My app does show I am using up from my 2000 free miles so I am not paying for supercharging in the meantime.
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I was taking some corners at speed last night and this thing sticks to the road way better than I expected. Significantly better than my BMW 340i which has a tendency to understeer and has pretty pronounced body roll even though I bought the M package with all the fancy track stuff. The Tesla feels more like my BMW 135i, which could take corners like it was on rails. I'll have to get a little more comfortable with the Tesla before I start driving too crazy, but so far I'm really impressed.

The acceleration is insane. Every time I step on it I'm still thrown back in the seat unexpectedly. And I've been driving cars with 4s 0-60 times for the last 12 years. This is different though. I have the P so it's got that insane 3.2s 0-60, but it's not just that. It's the instantaneousness of it. You step on the pedal and the power is just there. Zero lag. You just instantly stick to the seat. It's like nothing I've ever felt before. Everyone I've given a ride to equates it to a rollercoaster.