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Ocean City MD getting HPWC's

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This is great! understand that parking spaces at condos and hotels and at the main attractions are extremely valuable and getting charging into a place like OC is tough. In the summer months anyway. Its nice they put some thought into an initial solution. Usually its just "NO!".
Great news - thx for posting. I think it would be fine to just meter those spots at the standard 1.00-1.50/hr for shore towns and they'll at least break even, plus not get into the situation of ppl leaving cars there too long
The Ocean City Council passed a motion to install two HPWCs and one J-1772 charging station at their meeting on Tuesday night.

All of you who participated in the @TeslaRoadTrip - Reach the Beach event, this includes linkster and Bifff67, had a role in bringing this to the attention of the Ocean City Council members. During the discussion before the vote, several of the council members mentioned the conversations they had with Tesla owners on the boardwalk.

The following quotes are from a news article, City to put Tesla chargers at convention center, for free...

"...the city is looking to generate interest from electric car owners by installing three charging stations at the city lot just south of the convention center on 40th Street, a move inspired by the Tesla meet-up earlier this spring that generated plenty of tourism interest."

"Councilman Wayne Hartman... suggested the city participate in what Tesla calls it’s “Destination Charging Partner” program after talking with visitors at the April rally on the Boardwalk."

You guys are all great Tesla evangelists and it paid off. Thanks! :)

I spoke to the City Engineer a little over a year ago about putting chargers at the Convention Center. Maybe I had a small part in moving this forward. In any case, very pleased. The SuperCharger in Salisbury + the HPWCs in O.C. will make Ocean City a destination for Tesla owners.
+1 you *all* are amazing. When I realize what Lanny, Jeff C, Linkster and the rest of you have accomplished for EVs, I feel thrilled and privileged to watch it happen, and even tag along on the fun parts. Another positive outcome from Reach the Beach: yesterday, artsci and I were at Hunt Valley Horsepower and one guy mentioned seeing his first Tesla at OC "the place was full of them" :).
In addition to the HPWCs that the Town of Ocean City plans to install, there are six charging stations in the ground now (but not hooked up as of 10-25-2015) at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront at 67th Street in Ocean city.

At the Royal Farms store on the south side of Rt. 50 just before crossing the bridge going in to OC (across from Hooper's Crab House), there is going to be a DC Fast Charger with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors. The concrete pad has been poured and bollards are in place.

By next spring, Ocean City will have gone from practically no destination charging to having at least ten charging stations - 6 Tesla HPWCs, 3 ClipperCreek J-1772 EVSEs and a CHAdeMO/SAE Combo DC Fast Charger.

I took these photos on October 25, 2015.



Holiday Inn Oceanfront at 67th Street


Hookup expected in early November.


Royal Farms DC Fast Charger location. Rt. 50 in the background.
What is the story behind the DC fast charger going in at the Royal Farms store? Those chargers aren't cheap (although it appears that sometimes Nissan essentially sends out the Signet DCFC but doesn't follow up with an invoice), so I'm interested in what convinced someone to spring for one (because I'd like to apply that strategy in many other places so we have lots of DCFCs).
The DC Fast Charger at the Royal Farms store is part of the Maryland Energy Administration’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (EVIP) grant.

The Maryland EVIP grant is for up to $1,000,000 in matching funds to install DC Fast Chargers throughout the state. Grants were awarded to Royal Farms (15 stations), NRG eVgo (4 stations) and ChargePoint (2 stations). Each site will have both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors.

Nissan has a separate program where they will provide a Fast Charger to a town or business in exchange for an agreement to maintain the equipment and provide access. You might want to see who is administering the Nissan program in your area. I would start by contacting the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition and looking through this document which contains information related to a recent installation in Virginia.

Good luck.

Great news! Any similar program in the Rehoboth Beach area?

A bit late on this, but it looks like there's no other reply.... They're not quite as fancy or numerous, but Rehoboth Beach already has a pair of free (aside from standard rates for parking) public J1772 chargers. Unlike typical J1772 installations, these are 240V and 75A, so they charge as fast as a good HPWC. There's only two, so it's a bit of a gamble as to whether one will be available. They're on PlugShare, as well as a few other options in the area, so check it out there if you haven't already