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Oct 2019 build model s. Haven’t received v10

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I have been tracking users getting v10 updates. However my vehicle has not gotten it. I went as far as chatting with service. They resent the current version to my vehicle. But this did not install v10.

so I am wondering if any other raven model s owners have seen this software update yet.

It's typical for new vehicles to be off the beaten path of software releases for some time after delivery (weeks). My X was like that in June, I've seen several other folks with similar, and your software version is one of the 'exists only on newly-delivered vehicles' variety. So I would say you likely just haven't been moved off the new-vehicle stack yet. I'm not sure exactly why they quarantine new vehicles like this, but they do.
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Update. Mobile service just came out for a different issue. I asked him about the software not being updated. He was able to log into the system and see for some reason the car kept on getting factory v9 redeployed. He was able to, with the help of an engineer, get the car on development versions instead of factory. It is installing now.
My Model S long range (Sept 26, 2019 delivery) finally got software updates this week end. First I got upgraded from 2019.32.2.2 to 2019.32.2.4 on Friday, then I got another download to 2019.32.12.4 on Saturday. Both installed with no issues and I love the new v10 features.
I can't easily connect to WiFI and have to make a special effort. Dumb question, but will Tesla notify me via LTE that an update is ready so that I can park it where it CAN download? Or does it have to be WiFi'd to even get a notice? Have been stuck in 2019.31 since delivery a month ago.