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Odd heated seats behaviour


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May 3, 2019
Noticed something strange over the last month I've had the car.

I would sometimes pre-heat the car and have heated seats, but when you get to the car they are not on. I'm ok with that, maybe the car didn't get the message.

Today was the strangest. Turned on my seat, it warmed up then turned itself off at some point. Then the passenger seat turned on... Must have been on for a while because I used 1kwh extra this morning. It was definitely off when I started.

Anyone else notice something similar?
The problem is because everything is connected to the profile. So when you turn the seat on from the app, it's on for Easy Entry. Then when it switches to your profile, you didn't have the heated seat on your profile last time, so it's now off.

As for the passenger one randomly coming on, not sure about that.
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