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OEM 22" Model X Turbine Wheels, Tires and TPMS sensors

Discussion in 'Tesla Parts for Sale' started by stevezzzz, May 17, 2016.

  1. stevezzzz

    stevezzzz R;SigS;P85D;SigX

    Nov 13, 2009
    Cosmetically and mechanically perfect silver turbine wheels and TPMS sensors. Like new, never damaged, no rash. Also, mounted Pirelli Scorpion Zero all-season tires with only 400 miles on the set: they're just getting broken in. :)

    This is the wheel set that came with my Signature X. Unwilling to accept Tesla's "no-cost downgrade" (the only way to get OEM 20" wheels delivered on a Sig), I had planned to remove and sell the 22" set as soon as I took delivery of the X. But I got the X at the end of April and my aftermarket 20" wheels didn't arrive until late last week, so the tires are not quite new. For someone who wants the 22s for their performance and stunning good looks, but doesn't want to pay Tesla's $5500 up-charge, you can take delivery of your new X with 20" wheels, buy this set and keep the 20s for towing or for running winter tires. Tesla doesn't sell the 22s as an aftermarket accessory, so it's only a guess, but based on what they charge for the 20" wheels sets, I estimate the retail price Tesla would charge for the 22" set to be between $8000 and $9000; I'm offering them for $6000.00; that's just $500 over Tesla's up-charge price to go from 20" to 22" wheels during configuration, and you get to keep (or sell) your 20" set, too. Such a deal!

    North Denver metro; pick up only.

    20160517-IMG_9656.jpg 20160517-IMG_9659.jpg 20160517-IMG_9660.jpg 20160517-IMG_9661.jpg 20160517-IMG_9662.jpg 20160517-IMG_9664.jpg 20160517-IMG_9670.jpg 20160517-IMG_9672.jpg 20160517-IMG_9648.jpg
  2. t3sla613

    t3sla613 New Member

    Feb 22, 2016
    chicago, il
    These still available?

    Willing to ship?


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